Wide-leg pants are out of fashion! This year’s most popular type of pants is called “pants”, who wears who is fashionable

Friends must be indispensable for wide-leg pants in daily wear, and it is too monotonous to wear wide-leg pants. The trouser leg pants that were once known to everyone are no longer favored, and now the most popular pants to wear are called pants and skirts, which are comfortable and versatile and look good. So in daily life, how to dress to be outstanding, good-looking and fashionable? Let’s keep up with the trend and take a look at the following outfits with me, don’t pick the body type, who wears who looks good!

A skirt can be seen as a skirt with split legs, or as loose pants with a skirt. If wide-leg pants can make you look smart and simple, and skirts can make you look fresh and flowy, then pants and skirts undoubtedly combine the advantages of both and give you a visual impact. It is not only soft and simple to wear, but the casual design is more ethereal, making people look generous and gentle. So how do you match your pants and skirts? Next, I will introduce a few styles of pants and skirts to all friends, let’s take a look together!

Wear one, shirt + pants

A shirt is a must-have item in daily life, it is versatile and temperamental to wear, and it is a big mistake to wear it with jeans, and it is just right to match it with a novel pants skirt. The design of the pants and skirts is just right, which not only has the flowing feeling of the skirt, but also has the security of the pants, and not only looks simple and fashionable when worn on the body, but also does not have to worry about the inconvenience of movement. A loose shirt paired with a trouser skirt looks fresh and has a unique style, and is one of the best ways to wear it on the street. The little friends around who like to wear shirts can try to match oh, there are definitely different effects.

Partners with inverted triangle body are very suitable for this set. Small friends with wide shoulders are very suitable for wearing shirts, which can well set off the upper body line and look temperamental. The pants and skirts can play an advantage on the slender lower body, quietly enhance the waist line, visually give people a sense of impact on long legs, and make people look tall and tall. And when standing, the design of the trouser skirt looks like a skirt, casual and elegant at the same time. In this way, it will make the inverted triangle body play an effect of promoting strengths and avoiding weaknesses, looking not dull, and solving our shoulder-wide wearing worries.

Wear two, knitwear + pants and skirts

Knitwear is our go-to item for warmth, giving us warmth while looking generous. And it’s also versatile, with slim knitwear accentuating the figure and making us look bumpy, with a different effect for each combination. And with the pants and skirts, it makes people look a little more dignified and elegant, giving people a comfortable sense of getting along. This combination is very suitable for our fairies who are about 30 years old, which can not only show the charm and beauty of this age, but also be calm and capable, adding points to the whole.

Like slim knitwear with pants and skirts is very suitable for funnel-shaped body fairies, funnel body is the ideal body of most girls, because it has the characteristics of plump body, so it looks sexy and temperamental. And the slim knitwear can just show our good figure, coupled with the lower body of the pants and skirt can better enhance our hip line, outline the body curve to make the overall body proportion look more perfect, walking on the street is an absolute goddess fan, improve the rate of return. Therefore, fairies with hourglass-shaped bodies must not miss this good opportunity to show their figures.

Wear three, suit + pants and skirt

This year’s popular Korean version of the big pocket suit is loved by partners, the fat Korean version of the suit is not only comfortable to wear on the body, but also can support a strong aura, generally the first choice of professional women. When you wear it with your pants and skirts, it has a special style. Like a black suit with white pants and skirts, the overall look is simple and smart, suitable for the daily wear of office workers. It is fanciful to match, giving people a powerful aura and handsome and compelling. Like some young ladies with cold personalities, they are more in line with temperament, and they look cool, domineering, and very aura.

Tall friends are very suitable for this outfit, you can choose the popular Korean version of the suit in the style of the suit, and the loose version can block the fat on our waist. And friends like pear-shaped bodies or apple-shaped bodies can try this outfit, the loose design of the trousers can cover our small thick legs, and the fat version brings a sense of vitality to the overall matching, and the mid-length suit can just cover the shortcomings of our crotch width. Similarly, slightly fat fairies can also try, we can choose black in the choice of color, it looks thin temperament, it is a set of fairy matching that covers flesh and flesh~

The above are the three pants and skirts I recommend for you little fairies, this new product is not only fashionable but also temperamental, which can hide body defects and match different clothes with a variety of styles, so hurry up and add it to your wardrobe! If you like the above matches, you must try it boldly, you will see a different self!