How beautiful is a female celebrity in an off-the-shoulder evening dress! Zhao Liying half-tied princess hair, Liu Yifei super white

District Flower today is also a day that was shocked by the beauties.

First, there are divorced and then resurrected in full blood

Xiao Zhao

, white off-the-shoulder skirt, half-tied princess hair, this spirit, more to say is 25 years old!

Although the raw picture can see that the skirt is a little small, a lot of meat is squeezed out of the chest (the troubles of big-breasted beauties). But the arms and shoulders are noticeable

Firm and even

, and even vaguely seen


Many people think that this is practiced after holding children

Mom arm

。 Maybe some of the reasons are but not all, after all, she plays with her life


It’s been a long time. Also wear dress suspenders,


They are much wider than the original atmosphere.

In contrast, it has always used action actresses as its signboard


, but there are many imaginary traces of training on his body. It was ridiculed by netizens as a bit like a postpartum comeback.

Although the limbs are plump, the trapezius muscle map is still pronounced. But the victory is

White skin and long limbs

, the face can be beaten, the king of bones, she can also be regarded as holding the off-the-shoulder evening dress, or beautiful~