4. How can a 50-year-old middle-aged man get rid of the “greasy uncle” label by dressing up?

Unlike women, in fact, men are not so afraid of age, and what is more frightening is that “people are blessed in middle age”, the key is still greasy!

Many middle-aged men in their 4s and 50s are also starting to be labeled

“Greasy Uncle”

label, want to get rid of this image, in addition to fitness and shaping, the easiest way is to achieve it through dressing.

Dressing not only affects the overall image, but also reflects a person’s temperament and taste.

For middle-aged men, dressing up does not need to be fashionable with the post-90s and post-00s small fresh meat, but more to show the maturity and stability of men of this age through the overall outfit.

Refusing greasy is not only to cover up the short board of the body, but also to create a refreshing mature man image through dressing and details.

Next, let’s talk to you about 4, 50-year-old middle-aged men, how to get rid of the “greasy uncle” label by dressing up?

Stylish suit styling

There is no doubt that suits are an indispensable item in middle-aged men’s outfits, whether it is the workplace or the needs of various occasions, suits can play a role in supporting the surface and improving temperament.

But if you want to refuse greasy labels, it is important to choose the right suit first, as much as possible

Avoid decent blacks and dark blues

, can be bold

Choose a suit in bright colors, checks, and silhouette cuts.

The second is dressing, although the suit saves the trouble of matching, it is also easy to give people the feeling of being commercialized.

Check suit + jeans,

Semi-formal and semi-casual

The mix-and-match style is suitable for all occasions, but also achieves an age-reducing effect, and the overall image looks more youthful and stylish.

Many middle-aged men in China tend to ignore the importance of accessories, which can be learned from foreign men.

Add highly saturated bright color accessories when wearing formal wear, for example

Hats, glasses, scarves



etc., can play a role in brightening the vision and breaking the monotony of the shape.

Pay attention to the overall shaping effect

A large part of the reason why middle-aged men are said to be “greasy” is that they have a blessed figure, so it is important to pay attention to shaping when dressing.

Wear it in the same color

Longitudinally lengthen the proportion of the body to achieve the purpose of showing height and thinness, use

“Stuffed Corner”

Details enhance the position of the waistline and create a standard three-seven body ratio.

In addition to dressing, choosing the right clothing style can also have a certain effect on shaping.

Middle-aged men are mostly concentrated at the waist after their fortunes, and it is easy to crush the height, so try to avoid too loose and fat clothes, such as short-fit jackets, denim jackets, etc., which can play a good shaping effect.


The frequency of appearances in middle-aged men’s outfits is also quite high, and its biggest advantage is that it can enhance the aura of styling and can also modify the figure.

When choosing a coat, try to avoid bright colors, like classic black, camel color is visually taller.

The importance of choosing the right shoes

Unlike young fresh meat, who likes to collect all kinds of shoes, most middle-aged men tend to ignore the importance of shoes.

In the overall outfit, shoes should not only pay attention to easy wear, but also about fashion completion. Compared to the too calm of leather shoes,

Martin boots

While maintaining the image of a mature man, it also has a sense of fashion, and it also has a certain high effect.

Canvas shoes

It is biased towards daily leisure, and the appearance design is in line with the aesthetics of youth, which can play a good age-reducing effect.

Especially for high-top canvas shoes, tightening the ankle helps lengthen the leg line, making it easy to create a long leg look.

Other than that

If you feel that the overall shape is too monotonous in dark colors, you can also choose shoes with high saturation colors.

Like red sneakers, black and white checkerboard Martin boots, and fluorescent yellow leather shoes, they can all play a good finishing touch to the overall look.

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