This year, T-shirts + wide-leg pants are more popular, simple and casual but very beautiful, worth learning

In addition to all kinds of small skirts, summer bottoms must be pants. Pants may not be as elaborate as small skirts, but they are more popular because they are comfortable and convenient.


Wide-leg pants

I am afraid that there is no better pants to wear than wide-leg pants, the loose design does not have any sense of restraint at all, the cuffs can also bring a burst of coolness, and the body is also amazing, covering the flesh. And the matching of wide-leg pants is even simpler, just need to match a T-shirt, it is completely fashionable and more fashionable.

Tips1: T-shirt + wide-leg trousers

If you want to wear comfort and fashion, then just rely on the basic T-shirt + wide-leg pants. Although their combination looks simple, I want to wear it out


, also need to wear with a suitable T-shirt, and suitable wide-leg pants.

First of all, let’s start with the T-shirt, the good and bad matching, directly equated with the choice of T-shirt. The first point is whether the style of the T-shirt is coordinated with wide-leg pants, the harmony of style is very important, we first look at the print or not.

T-shirts can be divided into no print decoration and print decoration, here we need to choose from print decoration, because wide leg pants are too simple.

Wide-leg pants can be divided into fashionable and simple, and the simple model is the one pictured above, which looks simple and distinctive. So

The choice of T-shirt is more designed

, if you can add a little more careful machine, then even better.

The print of T-shirts can also be divided into simple and complex models, which are not required here, because both can be used. If it is worn for everyday life, then a solid color can be satisfied. If you want something more stylish, then it is recommended to choose a more complex design.

T-shirts are versatile and stylish, and they are perfectly suited for everyday needs

, wear a sense of premium.

And the choice of color is completely unlimited, whether it is a popular color or a basic color, it can be easily interpreted, wearing the upper body


T-shirts and wide-leg pants are common everyday styles, so almost everyone has one or two pieces in their wardrobe, and all we need to do is combine them to create a more temperamental and stylish look.

Don’t like suit wide-leg pants, then

Sports wide-leg pants

It can definitely capture your heart, visually extend the length of the legs, and give you a sense of peace of mind in life.

Tips2: T-shirt + wide-leg shorts

The further south the weather gets hotter, especially this year, when the sweltering weather is better than usual. So if you feel that wide-leg trousers are too stuffy, then wide-leg shorts will definitely meet your requirements.

Basic color wide-leg pants will do, short ones are not large, so more

Versatile and stylish

。 Although it looks monotonous, it can be perfectly solved with a pair of mid-tube socks, black is an excellent versatile attribute, and the error rate is extremely low, so you can wear it with confidence.

Hairstyle is an aspect of dressing that is easy to overlook

, but it is an indispensable part of dressing and matching. If you feel that it is too stuffy, then it is better to tie it up.

One of the best tricks is to dye and elevate the roots, especially the latter, exactly

Small face

of mysterious weapons that have a petite face every minute.

Many celebrities are particularly fond of this kind of combination,

Cool, comfortable and down-to-earth

, whether it is an airport or a magazine, is not uncommon.

In fact, if you like a more neutral design, then you can try a combination of black, white and gray, which seems simple but full of aura and full of fullness

Advanced Van

。 The mid-tube socks are recommended to choose the same color, which is consistent with the color of the shoes and looks more coordinated.

The matching of T-shirt + wide-leg pants is also very age-free, which can be said to be a must for mature women, or it can be said to be a must for student parties, and there is almost nothing to refute it.

Although wearing the upper body is very simple, it is a minute to improve the temperament. The combination of casual T-shirts and stylish wide-leg pants is really perfect, loose and laid-back.

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