The complete collection of rope handiwork, one of the rope pendants that you can learn! A string made wonderfully

The complete collection of rope braiding, a rope pendant that you can learn as soon as you learn!

What is the use of braided rope? Today I will share with you the rope pendant and pendant rope braiding.

If you especially like these little things, it is enough to prepare a few colored ropes and weave them! No more spending money to buy your favorite!

A small knot or a small homemade tassel, strung with an iron ring or clasp, is a good pendant that is both beautiful and practical. If you have the habit of weaving Chinese knots, you can show your skills. It takes ten minutes to make one, relatives and friends will send a few, and you will have face.

A small dream net can also oh, capture good dreams.

Simply string a bead, with a tassel, a different beauty.

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