Sure enough, ginger is still old and spicy! I look at Chen Weiting’s double-breasted coat, and the more I look at it, the better it looks

Coats are a must in every girl’s wardrobe, but in today’s world where fashion has long been gender-neutral, in fact, many boys wear coats unambiguously, even more stylish than girls.

For example, in the entertainment industry, we are not uncommon to see examples of male stars wearing coats, such as male gods such as Li Yifeng or Lin Xinxin, who are good-looking leaders in coats.

And recently, Sansan found a thief in an overcoat and a vigorous male star, yes, it is your husband – Chen Weiting.

A few days ago, Chen Weiting’s set of British style private photos were exposed, and I saw him in the photo wearing a white double-breasted coat with a dark denim shirt, elegant and free, very gentleman.

As a professional fashion writer, I also noticed that his double-breasted coat is more dashing and neat than the usual coat, and the rhythm of wearing it on the body is really a fan.

In addition, this similar Korean star Park Shujun also wore, compared to Chen Weiting’s white double-breasted coat, this black double-breasted coat adds a bit of classic and handsome, the length of the clothes to the length of the calf, adding a British gentlemanly atmosphere.

Compared with the long double-breasted coat, the short one seems to be more suitable for boys who are not tall, and their strength shows their long legs.

For girls, double-breasted coats are not to mention how handsome they are on the body, especially this A-line style, which allows you to walk with a blower effect, full of aura, full of heroism.

Of course, if you don’t want to live in the status quo, you can also try the cape-style double-breasted coat, which not only covers the flesh and looks thin, but also the special fit will make you very eye-catching on the road.

As the saying goes, ginger is still old and spicy, among the many colorful coats, personally, it is still the classic double-breasted coat that is the most attractive, so even if you have two more, you are prepared.

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