Guan Xiaotong’s fashion sense has finally opened! The new blockbuster wears a slip dress to show off her good figure on the bed, it’s so beautiful

Guan Xiaotong has been criticized by netizens as a fashion insulator since her debut, although her long legs are among the best among female stars, but because their skeleton is relatively large and the waist is relatively short, so wearing the dress will not give people a feeling of being slender and tall, and in the recent period after his continuous weight loss exercise, the figure has obviously changed greatly compared with before, in the latest exposed red dress photos, Guan Xiaotong will show the goddess aura vividly. Guan Xiaotong’s latest fashion blockbuster exposed! Wearing a knitted skirt and a top hat to become a retro celebrity, her figure is super eye-catching

A black fluffy wavy long curly hair, combed into a partial style, soft draped in front of the body, with bright red lips, instantly make the shape bright, wearing a big red slip dress, the cut of the skirt is very sexy, the small suspender stuck at the end of the collarbone, perfectly showing Guan Xiaotong’s superior right-angled shoulder heel collarbone.

The combination of deep V-neck and backless cut has very high requirements for the figure, but Guan Xiaotong is still excellent in control, there is no fat at all, and the waist line is also set off particularly slender and soft, in addition, the skirt also adopts a high split design, with red pearl high heels, a pair of beautiful legs are straight, slender and long, under the background of big red, the skin is particularly white, and the overall shape is full of charm.

After Guan Xiaotong’s fashion sense finally opened, it was also very amazing to shoot blockbusters. In the latest set of blockbusters exposed on March 15, Guan Xiaotong tried several sets of retro-style styling, long hair is soft pinned behind the ears, femininity, wearing a cinnamon-colored small suspender as the base, and the outside is layered with a brown-red knitted dress, the upper part boldly adopts a hollow design, and the grid line is combined with the cinnamon bottom, which not only enriches the styling elements, but also plays a good anti-light effect.

The design of the skirt is still very slim overall, especially the waist position perfectly fits the curve of the body, Guan Xiaotong’s unbearable small man’s waist, unreservedly displayed in front of the audience, the skirt in order to make the shape look richer, but also specially outlined some small flowers for decoration, cute and playful, white lace pantyhose also add a lot of color to the shape, of course, the most eye-catching is to count the oversized top hat worn on the head, white feathers and mesh above the brim, With the cooperation of light and shadow, the retro charm is full.

Another set of styling is also the same layered design, a white small round neck short sleeves bottom, the surface is also embellished with some red patterns for decoration, the white striped sleeveless long skirt, the color is slightly lighter, and the cuffs are shorter, and the inside forms a good sense of layering, loose design, with a brown belt, on the one hand, it enriches the styling elements, on the other hand, it also visually raises the waistline, with black slacks, it looks refreshing and capable.

The sexiest shape in the whole group of blockbusters, or Guan Xiaotong’s slip pajama dress, the skirt perfectly combines thin suspenders with low square necklines, easily creating a sexy and lazy atmosphere, the cut of the skirt is actually relatively loose, and will not be too restrictive to the body full of home, Guan Xiaotong lying on the soft bed, with the constantly changing posture, generously show off her sexy body, really too beautiful.

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Guan Xiaotong’s fashion sense has finally opened! The new blockbuster wears a slip dress to show off her good figure on the bed, it’s so beautiful