Quality 315, Fuguang in action, put away this super full water cup purchase guide

Around 315, the quality and service problems of various industries attracted attention from all walks of life. Among them, the food and drinking industry directly related to life and health is the focus of consumer concerns. Previously, in the analysis of complaints received by the National Consumer Association in 2021 released by the China Consumers Association, the number of complaints about daily goods ranked second, and the number of complaints about daily miscellaneous products increased by 61% year-on-year.

With the improvement of health awareness, consumers not only pay attention to water quality, but also pay important attention to drinking water tools. Unfortunately, as a subdivision of daily miscellaneous products, the mouth cup industry has also had many product quality and service problems in recent years, and complaints have emerged one after another. So, for ordinary consumers, what aspects should be paid attention to when purchasing water cup products?

First, brand power is the premise of effective risk avoidance

As a daily commodity, the entry threshold of the cup and pot industry is not high, which also leads to the current brands and products in the cup pot market, and the choice of well-known brands at this time can effectively avoid some risks.

Brand power is the long-term precipitation of an enterprise after being recognized by the market and consumers, and Fuguang is no different. The rich light that came from the eighties and nineties of the last century also has the distinctive characteristics of that era – excellent quality. After 38 years of deep cultivation in the industry, Fuguang has now become a leading brand and industry standard setter in China’s cup industry, leading the compilation of many national standards and industry standards such as “plastic drinking cup”, “double-layer cup”, “titanium cup”, “general technical requirements for the safety of cup and pot products”, “stainless steel vacuum porcelain vacuum flask”, etc., and the strength of the enterprise can be seen.

However, it should be noted that in recent years, with the rise of live streaming and social e-commerce, new brands in the cup pot industry have risen significantly, bringing consumers many new choices. Although these models provide new ideas for the development of the cup and pot industry, they have also promoted the practice of “emphasizing marketing over quality” of some brands, and we also need to pay attention to the identification of brand choices.

Second, the material is the key to affecting product quality

Common water cup materials are plastic, glass and stainless steel.

Among them, glass is recognized as a relatively safe material. First, the performance of glass material is stable, and second, the glass surface is smooth, impurities and other impurities are not easy to remain, and cleaning is also convenient. Of course, glass is also divided into different types, taking Fuguang as an example, its glass products use borosilicate glass, the cost is higher, but the performance is excellent, can withstand the instantaneous temperature difference of 120 °C, to the greatest extent to ensure the safety of consumers in the process of use.

For plastic cups, consumers pay more attention to the safety of the product. It is not difficult to find from the layout of Fuguang’s plastic product line in recent years that the proportion of safe, healthy and high-temperature resistant infant-grade material Tritan has gradually increased, which is Fuguang’s rapid response to consumers’ safety and health needs.

In addition, complaints about thermos cup products are also common, including problems such as unqualified materials, substandard quality, inadequate service, and non-standard use. Since entering the field of thermos cup in 2006, Fuguang has always adhered to the “quality red line” to ensure that every water cup product delivered to consumers meets the national quality standards, which also gives it a good reputation as a “national water cup”.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to standardizing the use of materials that meet food safety standards, Fuguang has also accelerated the iterative research and development of independent manufacturing and technology of thermos flask products, and strived to achieve domestic refinement.

Third, the process is the guarantee to improve the user experience

Good products are not only reflected in brand power and materials, but also strive for perfection in technology.

Simple as a water cup, glass mouth thread height and lid knob treatment, plastic cup cap angle and thermos flask inner tank thinning, vacuum layer thickness, etc., all affect the user experience, in these details, Fuguang insists on polishing technology and technology, through the introduction of modern intelligent equipment and product technology improvement, is committed to allowing everyone to enjoy Fuguang quality products and services.

Safeguarding consumer rights and interests is the responsibility of every enterprise, focusing on quality and service not only during the 315 period, the next step, how to integrate quality awareness into every link of daily production and manufacturing, how to adhere to the bottom line of quality, how to improve their ability to discriminate, for businesses and users have put forward higher requirements.