Nearly half of the country’s underwear and home wear “made in Shantou”

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Yangcheng Evening News reporter Ant Luya correspondent Shantou Bureau of Industry and Information Technology

There are Hang factions in the east and Chao factions in the south. As the core city of the regional layout of the “modern light industry and textile” industrial cluster in Guangdong Province, the scale of the textile and garment industry has exceeded 100 billion yuan. On December 12, Shantou Textile and Garment Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as “Shantou Textile Association”) was officially inaugurated, and on the 13th-14th, the 2021 China (Shantou) Textile and Garment Industry Development Forum kicked off in Shantou, marking the full opening of a new pattern of nearly 7,000 textile and garment enterprises in Shantou. The Yangcheng Evening News reporter learned at the event that next, Shantou textile and garment industry will develop in the direction of intelligence, high-end and clustering, and is committed to creating a new business card of Shantou textile and garment industry.

Brand-name underwear and home wear account for more than 75% of the country

China’s home wear industry looks at Guangdong, Guangdong home wear industry looks at Shantou – Shantou is the largest underwear home wear production base and industrial well-known brand demonstration area, textile and garment industry is the largest pillar industry in Shantou, in 2020 Shantou textile and garment scale above the industrial output value of 108.7 billion yuan, underwear home clothing output accounts for about 45% of the country, famous brand products account for more than 75% of the country.

In the “14th Five-Year Plan for the High-quality Development of Manufacturing Industry in Guangdong Province”, the modern light industry and textile industry is listed as a strategic pillar industry in Guangdong Province, and Shantou is clearly listed as the core city for the development of “modern light industry textile industry” in the eastern wing of the coastal economic belt. At the 12th Party Congress of Shantou City, which has just concluded successfully, Shantou determined the strategic deployment of “establishing an industrial city and strengthening the industrial city” and accelerated the construction of a new pattern of industrial development of “three new and two special ones”. As one of the two major characteristic industries, textile and garment will accelerate the creation of a textile and garment industry cluster of more than 200 billion yuan. In this context, Shantou Textile and Garment Industry Association was inaugurated.

In addition, the event also carried out the signing ceremony of industrial financial credit, logistics cooperation projects, industrial talent cultivation plan, etc., and the 2021 China (Shantou) Textile and Garment Industry Development Forum also gathered a number of textile and garment industry “big coffee” to explore new ways of industrial development.

Build the largest underwear industry cluster in China

Lin Yunfeng, president of the China Knitting Industry Association, believes that Shantou’s textile and garment industry needs to continue to make efforts in all aspects to adapt to the new high-quality development – in addition to actively integrating into the new development pattern with the domestic cycle as the main body and the domestic and international dual circulation promoting each other, the Shantou textile and garment industry also needs to achieve high-quality development under the support of scientific and technological innovation and technology-led, and work together in areas including new materials, new textiles, and intelligent manufacturing. In addition, in the context of the “dual carbon” goal, it is necessary to promote green development and sustainable development.

Weng Chuangjie, president of Shantou Textile and Garment Industry Association and chairman of Hongjie Underwear Co., Ltd., has been engaged in underwear production for 23 years, and he has witnessed the process of Shantou textile and garment from small to large and from weak to strong. He said: “The significance of the establishment of the association is to integrate 7,000 textile and garment enterprises in Shantou, jointly plan the future development of the industry, and create the largest underwear industry cluster in China. ”

Plan to hold an international underwear exhibition to start the brand

The reporter learned that although the textile and garment industry in Shantou has a good foundation, there are still shortcomings that need to be developed urgently, such as the overall small scale of enterprises, the serious homogenization of products, the slow pace of transformation and upgrading, and the insufficient effective supply of high-end products, especially in the design, research and development, marketing and other value-added high-end links are relatively weak. The establishment of the Shanxi Textile Association will build a platform for enterprises to brainstorm and attack together.

In the next step, the Shantou Textile Association will also actively plan with the help of resources from all parties to create an international underwear exhibition that belongs to Shantou. According to Weng Chuangjie, the exhibition will solve the problem of a large number of local underwear brand enterprises and sweater companies traveling to various places every year to participate in the exhibition, which is conducive to gathering corporate resources, jointly building regional brands, and helping Shantou Underwear Exhibition to go to the whole country and benchmark the world.

Source: Yangcheng Evening News