Known as the most well-known German beer in China, the imported model is almost “zero bad reviews”, have you ever drunk it?

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These days have been drinking different German beer brands, starting with several well-known ones, two written before, and another one today, this is also one of the most popular beers in the domestic market, especially in the south, almost many convenience stores can see its figure – German priest beer – of course, it is in bottles.

Priest beer

Priest beer, German wheat white beer, should be the first batch of German beer brands to enter the Chinese market, at first with its excellent taste, and backed by a tree, quickly became popular in the domestic market. Beer, one of the world’s three white beer brands, when it first entered the Chinese market, had a high-quality taste and pure taste, and was loved by a large number of drinking friends.

But later the clergy became localized, and Van Jiale beer was criticized to a certain extent. The one we tried today is an authentic imported priest’s beer.

Rich foam

When the priest beer is first put into the glass, the foam is so rich that it is directly full, but it does not leak on the wall. It has a faint malt aroma, which is really not as thick as the other two, but the dark foam still highlights the good taste of this wine.

The body of the wine is cloudy

The color of the wine is cloudy, and there is a wall hanging feeling in the glass. Tilt to full cup without spilling, the concentration is higher. This is also a common characteristic of German white beer, and the rich foam overflows with a faint malt aroma, and I can’t help but take a sip.

Get a closer look at the foam

Feel the rich foam of priest beer up close and intuitive, and the basic foam is more than two fingers out of the glass without sprinkling, which shows that its concentration is very good, which is also one of the characteristics of pure brewed beer. As the foam rises, as the foam crackles and breaks, the malt aroma instantly becomes stronger.

Can’t wait to take a sip, the rich malt aroma fills the mouth, and the taste buds are instantly satisfied. The unique bitterness of the inlet beer hits, not the unbearable bitterness, but the bitterness with malt aroma, and this wine has no sweetness, after the aftertaste is still slightly bitter, which is also the biggest difference from several other beers of the same type, and the taste is more delicate, pure German beer flavor, like to emphasize the taste of drinking friends, should be very satisfied with this taste.

Priest beer used to be drunk often, and this wine is very popular in southern Chinese cities, especially in Guangdong, where almost all convenience stores have this wine, but it is basically domestic. When I drank domestic wine before, I felt that this wine was not well commented on, and the taste could not be compared with pure beer. Later, I deliberately went to buy imported money, and it was really different. The imported bottles specially bought this time have been upgraded to a higher level in taste.

Ingredient list

Priest beer imported, pure brewing, ingredients: water, barley malt, wheat malt, hops, yeast. It is one of the several well-known imported beers in the domestic market. The alcohol content is 5 degrees, the malt concentration is 11.8 ° P, which is relatively thick, basically two or three bottles will be dizzy.

Bottled imported clergy

Nowadays, the priest beer we can drink every day is basically a domestic Fan Jiale, so the reputation of this wine is becoming more and more unpopular. Compared with the previous scene of imported models receiving praise, it can only be said that it is regrettable.

Tips about this wine

: Imported priest beer, thick body, rich foam, bitter in the mouth, rich in wine, just the right bitterness, smooth to drink, slightly bitter aftertaste. The alcohol content of this wine is about 5 degrees, and the malt concentration is 11.8 ° P. The alcohol content and concentration are not low, and the stamina is large. The imported bottled model I found on the Internet, the price is not cheap, a single bottle is basically more than 10 yuan, drinking friends who have drunk domestic models, it is recommended that you can try the imported model, which will make you feel different. In fact, in my heart, beer belongs to the standing stock, there is no best, only the most suitable. What suits you, that is, the best.

In addition, spoiler, a friend asked me to compare together, Bailong, Hundred Emperor, and Priest, the three major brands of quality inspection This is the difference in taste. These days are being prepared, but it is estimated that these three bottles are drunk together, and the wine is circled after drinking.

I am a fine wine worthy of the food, usually like to drink, but also like to study food, wine and food are not separated, like friends can follow me, enjoy food and wine together. Do not be greedy, do not drink and drive, and minors are prohibited from drinking.

Priest beer

Priest beer