Teach you to scan old photos of your home into your phone, which is very clear and can be stored forever

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I believe that many friends have old photos at home, but over time, the photos gradually yellowed and faded and became blurry. Today I will teach you a trick, easily scan the old photos at home into the phone, very clear, can be saved forever.

1. Scanned photos of the memorandum

1. Today’s smartphones will come with their own memos, here take Huawei mobile phones as an example, click the “+” sign in the lower right corner after opening, you can create a new note, bring up the keyboard, and select the “picture” function.

2. Then four options will appear at the bottom, here we select the “Document Scanning” function, open the camera, point the lens at the old photo, a blue rectangular frame will be displayed on the screen, immediately press the shutter button to shoot.

3. After the photo is taken, support viewing and editing, if the number of photos is large, you can also take pictures continuously, and then click the “Save” button in the lower right corner, the old photos at home will be scanned into the memo, very clear!

4. Finally, in the memo notes, click “More” in the lower right corner, select “Print”, connect the mobile phone to the printer, and select “Photo Paper” for the paper type, you can print a clearer old photo.

Second, high-definition restoration of old photos

1. If the old photos at home are already very blurry, then we can use the “Smart Repair Old Photos” tool, which can automatically repair blurry photos and color black and white photos, which is very magical!

2. You need to save the old photos to the phone in advance, select the photos from the album, then crop, and then click “Next”, wait about 10 seconds, the old photos will be repaired, and they will look new after repair.

3. In addition, there is a dynamic old photo AI intelligent synthesis function, which can move a static portrait photo, find this function, click “Go Composite” now, add photos, and generate dynamic videos.

4. Finally, let’s take a look at the effect of dynamic old photos:

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Through the above method, you can easily scan the old photos at home into the mobile phone, which is very clear and can be stored forever.