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Q: What’s so good about Samsung table tennis?

A: Don’t look at the small table tennis ball, but the production of it has to go through nearly 30 processes such as material selection, embryo pressing, gluing, scraping, rolling ball, weighing, quality inspection, etc., and the direct consequence of complex processes is a high defective rate. The so-called defective products are not waste products, but the quality is uneven. Only those products that have been screened through layers and are close to the set standard can be classified as three-star balls. Simply put, the roundness and uniformity of the three planets are better, the weight is stable, and the rotation is stable.

Q: The single cypress bottom plate is easy to disconnect from the middle, how to prevent it?

A: Since the single cypress is all longitudinal wood grain, if you accidentally hit the corners, press the bottom plate or even break it hard, it may split in half. In order to prevent the single juniper from being in a different place, there is no other, only love. When not playing, try to choose a hard racket bag to store it to reduce the chance of directly applying external force. For those who do not cherish the board, it is even more important to avoid it. The most important thing is that when playing, those balls that are half-out and easy to bump the board, can not be picked up.

Q: I bought Dornick floor goods, how to check anti-counterfeiting?

A: Some brands such as Red Double Happiness, Stika and other anti-counterfeiting inquiry systems are relatively perfect, with anti-counterfeiting stickers, which can be queried on the anti-counterfeiting platform on the official website. Some brands, such as Dornick, have not yet established an anti-counterfeiting query function. It is not easy to cultivate the golden eye, and it is prudent to buy from a specialty store or online authorized store in various regions of Dornick, and let the standardized purchase channels check it. If you are still not at ease, you can only buy and send the bottom plate back to the manufacturer for ultimate identification.

Q: Why can’t the bottom plate of the Stika Ebony 7 I bought stick?

A: In fact, not only ebony 7, rose, maple and other coated ball board series, although the anti-drawing effect is obvious, but there is a problem of not sticking firmly. Using a sticky inorganic glue is the best way, and many people will polish off some of the coating to increase surface adhesion. If you use organic, brush twice to make the glue layer thicker, wait for the glue surface to be flat and then fit, and then press with a heavy object for a period of time after pasting.

Q: I compared the sponge degree of Xiahong Double Happiness and 729 sets of glue, why is it so different?

A: In the field of table tennis equipment, there are two general sponge hardness measurement standards: one is the Shore A hardness of Red Double Happiness, that is, the Shore needle hardness, the force surface is small, and it needs to be measured multiple times to take the average, cumbersome and rigorous; The second is the Shore spherical hardness commonly used by other brands (such as 729), with a large force surface, high accuracy of single measurement, convenient and fast. The values measured by different standards for sponges of the same degree are different, and there is no strict conversion relationship. Roughly calculated, the Shore ball hardness is generally 6 to 7 degrees higher than the Shore A hardness standard, that is, 46-47 degrees of 729 medium hardness, which is equivalent to about 40 degrees of red double happiness.

Q: How long does a 250ml bottle of glue last?

A: Taking YEO+ two-sided pasting as an example, after actual measurement, according to the routine of brushing the rubber skin twice and brushing the ball board once, it takes about 8-10 grams of glue to stick the front and back sides, and a bottle of 250ml of glue can stick to the board about 25-30 times, if it is calculated by sticking the board once a week, it can be used for about 6-7.5 months. Of course, this is only a theoretical calculation, affected by factors such as brushing frequency, board size and natural volatilization, it usually takes less than this long.

Q: Table tennis rackets are dirty, how to clean them? Can it be washed with water?

A: Table tennis rackets are not wooden combs that are not afraid of blisters, and after the baptism of water, it is basically difficult to escape the result of deformation. The surface of the rubber skin can be wiped with a damp sponge and allowed to dry. As long as you are patient, you can slowly rub off the residual glue, and you can use a soft cloth to help. Sweat stains are relatively stubborn, you can first use fine sandpaper to sand slightly, and then wipe repeatedly with rougher toilet paper, which not only maintains the beauty, but also avoids further penetration of sweat stains.

Q: Why is the imported rubber sleeve easy to break the edge?

A: In order to ensure the performance of the rubber skin, the imported sleeve rubber has unique features in the formula and bonding process, and the broken edge is a side effect that is difficult to avoid in the early coat, especially the German sleeve. However, with the advancement of craftsmanship, the phenomenon of broken edges of coats in recent generations has been greatly improved. Due to the different formula, the bottom skin is thick and not generally strong.

Q: I hit raw rubber, I feel that the domestic rubber sponge is boring, is there an imported single sponge suitable for raw rubber to sell?

A: The main characteristics of raw rubber are fast ball speed, slightly sinking ball, the disadvantage is small friction, poor manufacturing rotation ability, and the need to actively exert force. In view of these characteristics, it is generally suitable to choose a thinner, softer sponge, such as a thickness of 1.5-1.8 mm and a hardness of 35 degrees, which can make the raw rubber eat the ball shallower, better use the power of the ball board, avoid rotation, and give full play to the characteristics of raw rubber hitting fast and drifting and sinking. That being said, the reality is that glue sets are all the rage, and there aren’t many single sponges to choose from. German black tulip hardness from 35 to 50 degrees, full hardness, Japanese cherry blossom sponge ultra-thin thickness from 0.4 to 1.0 mm, full thickness, more suitable for raw rubber, you can try.

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