Sigato’s Starry Sky Mary Jane single shoes tell you the secrets of sexiness and romance

Sigato’s Starry Sky series of Mary Jane single shoes made my girly heart come out! Highly recommended for Jimei who can’t wear high heels and wants to look delicate and good-looking!

As a sub-brand of Belle Group, Sigato is a veteran domestic product! The price of taking the mid-range route is one that I personally think is comfortable and fashionable among many domestic brands! Perfect for our daily driving!

This one is designed: with the popular pointed shallow mulle drag. The collar is rounded with a U-shaped mouth, which is very friendly to the wide surface of the foot! Jimei with a narrow foot surface, and may be loose after the upper foot!

Material: The upper of the shoe is made of biling biling spun material, and the gloss is super eye-catching! This is also what attracted me, very fairy! The disadvantage is that the feel is relatively hard, and the foot strap is made of a woven chain inlaid with small rhinestones, which is the highlight of the whole shoe!

Stylistically: popular Mary Jane; Like the first-line big brands SW and JC, they all have Mary Jane single shoes this year!

Casual, casual without losing the charm and sophistication of a woman! (The picture below is SW’s suede Mary Jane shoes)

Heel height: This 5cm square heel is comfortable and has height. Perfect for sister paper who doesn’t handle stiletto heels much! The transparent acrylic material echoes the sequins on the upper, a bit of a tribute to Cinderella’s crystal shoes!

On the number of yards: proper standard codes. Shoes of domestic brands are more suitable for ourselves in terms of size than European and American shoes! Many in Europe and the United States are half a yard larger! But if you are a sister paper with high feet and 2 long toes, then it is recommended to choose a size bigger!

Clothing matching: I like this one in 2 colors.

Space blue and silver pink

Space blue

There is a deep and calm sense of the night sky, relatively mature,

Suitable for mature women

! And dark blue does not pick skin, black skin and yellow skin on the feet are white. Wear it with everyday outfits

Prefer OL or unisex clothes in solid or light colors! For example: summer shirts, short skirts, suit suits, etc.

Silver light silver powder

What, more kawaii and princess fan!

Suitable for sweet, young and quiet sister paper

! In terms of clothing matching, mainly gentle and lovely, light-colored ones (avoid high saturation and bright colors). For example, summer dresses, palace retro-style blouses and shirts, etc.!

Don’t be wrong if you like Mary Jane’s shoes!