When the spirit boy puts on a Chinese men’s clothing, how is it in the end? Celebration polo shirt

In the age of the network, anything is updated very quickly.

The same is true for fashion,

Although everyone is in the imitation of the stars and fashion bloggers,

But some people are still very popular, even if the spiritual guy is difficult to control




And there are many netizens feedback,

No matter how high your value is,

Wearing Chinese men’s clothing requires a certain courage,

Otherwise, it will become both passage of “middle age uncle”.

Speaking of the Chinese men’s clothing that makes the spiritual boy change middle-aged uncle.


I have to mention is a polo shirt.

It’s okay normal, I am afraid that you will take a POLO shirt to set up the collar!

“Seven wolves”

Advertising is really bright eyes,

Polo shirt + settlement, even if the color is still as exaggerated,

Wearing such a dress, I don’t know what to move the traffic light!


Coincidentally, talking about Chinese men’s clothing,


“Men’s Wardrobe” Haishu House

It must also be owned by name.


Is the yellow T-shirt matching a belt pants? The more you look like an older child.

Even the Uniqlo is coming to join in the fun.

Summary Time Lei Bee Scholarship Gallery,

Obviously, you can build a handsome guy, and you should wear a polo shirt to do uncle.

Plus “big head” lost smile, why do I see a wretched!

At that time, Chinese men’s clothes were not all,


It is especially suitable for unsolves such as autumn and winter.

The sweater is equipped with a coat, and the horse has become very charm.

Even the plaid shirt can’t escape,

“Plaid shirt” known as programmer must-have costumes,


It is still very popular in the past two years, but at the same time

It is also very picked.

Wear, can wear a retro feeling,

But it’s not good, just like a poor guy who didn’t have clothes.

There will be a feeling of 邋遢.


So your friends,

When wearing a plaid shirt,


Can be like this guy,

Wear it as a cardigan,

Take a T-shirt or a sling, and wear a jeans again, effect the first level.

It’s not strange to say that Leopard is not strange, always think is a female exclusive.

I didn’t expect the men to start making leopard style.


This piece wearing in Zhang Han, said that it is full of attention to death.

Guo Degang wears a leopard pattern

Really first,


Although the handsome talks, but

The rich state is really

In addition to these, it is a very popular single product costume.

Like some


The young man wears a tight suit, or tight jeans, and is also ugly,

Many girls say that they can’t accept this kind of dressing.

Sports tights, with peas shoes, really ugly to 360 ° without dead ends,

Look at it, I feel that my eyes will be dirty.

It is very handsome guy, why do you want to wear it so ugly?

Is it afraid that I am too handsome, is harassed by my little sister on the road?

The fascination of the body is really difficult to understand.

These Chinese men’s clothing in “ugly” have been made?


No matter what you wear, Xiaobian advised you to lose it, wear normal clothes it is not fragrant!

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