In 2019, plus-size suits are trending, and this boyfriend style is not only cool and handsome, but also enhances the aura

Spring is coming, and as a sophisticated city girl, there is one coat that cannot be missing, and that is a blazer. Speaking of blazers, I believe many little fairies can say that many of its styles and even matches, but do you know what kind of coats and matching are popular this year? To say what is popular, celebrities are a group that cannot be underestimated, and the styles that celebrities like are basically very eager to start. Xiaobian recently found that celebrities love the most plus-size blazer, and the loose plus-size suit has a boyfriend temperament, and it is really handsome to wear. Let’s take a look at it together.

► Dressing demonstration

The first is Shi Shi “Mo Lan”, Mo Lan recently wore a blazer and jeans at the airport, the loose horizontal stripe suit is handsome, with the flanged straight jeans is quite commuting attractive, the shoes choose white powder sneakers, Mo Lan’s whole look looks very handsome and casual.

Jiang Shuying chose a checked suit, the loose blazer is retro and very boyfriend, with black leggings and black boots underneath, and the overall look is appropriate urban modern. Shen Mengchen chose a classic black boyfriend-style suit, black Xi is handsome and versatile, especially with a black T-shirt and black leggings, it is even cooler and more handsome.

Tang Yan also chose a black plus-size suit with Shen Mengchen, Tang Yan matched a black suit with blue ripped jeans, black and blue with commuting is attractive and not dull. Di Li Gerba is also a plus-size suit + blue ripped jeans, choosing a retro checked suit to make the handsome neutral jeans more modern.

Xuexuan is also a checked plus-size suit, and the checked suit is paired with a white chiffon shirt and straight-leg jeans, which makes the commuting handsome suit and jeans a little more sweet little feminine. Yuan Shanshan on the right likes to wear a checked suit with a sweatshirt, and the white sweatshirt is both eye-catching and breaks the old-fashioned feeling of the classic checked suit.

Compared with Asian stars, European and American stars prefer to wear plus-size boyfriend-style suits more modernly, Jenna is a checked suit with ripped straight jeans, and also shows off a handful of abs. Gigi is also wearing a suit with ripped straight-leg jeans, and both of them have chosen high-heeled booties for their shoes, which is more advanced and modern.

In front are plus-size suits with jeans, in fact, in addition to jeans, boyfriend style suits can also be matched with skirts, like supermodel He Sui will a black plus-size suit with a black T-shirt and black skirt, so the all-black shape is very cool and capable. Plus-size suits and irregular skirts are very popular this year.

In addition to skirts, boyfriend style suits and dresses are also quite popular, the most popular is the classic check suit with bright color dress, so that the matching look is eye-catching and does not lose the intellectual ability that should be at work. Of course, you can also choose a bright suit with a bright dress.

The printed style dress is a good helper with boyfriend-style suits, such as the burgundy suit on the left with a yellow polka dot skirt, a calm and capable suit with a bright polka dot skirt, with a bit of little girly atmosphere in intellectual maturity. In addition to polka dots, the exotic black and white printed skirt on the right is also fashionable, and the use of black and white colors all over the body gives people a feeling that is not monotonous.

Everyone who chooses a blazer this year must choose such a handsome and fashionable plus-size boyfriend style suit, this style of suit is definitely the hottest style in the suit industry this year.