The noble seat on the sofa, is it chicken ribs or chicken legs?

The sofa is a major piece of furniture in the living room, which provides a convenient and comfortable seating experience for living room activities, and the style design of the sofa – there are also straight multi-seat sofas and multi-seated sofas with noble seats; As people use more types of sofas, some people will have some unique insights into the style design of the sofa, such as the noble position of the sofa, which is liked by some people and disgusted by others. So objectively speaking, the noble position of the sofa, is it a chicken rib? Let me talk about my opinion!

1. The habit of sitting on the sofa

The biggest difference between ordinary sofas and sofas with chaise seats is in the experience of sitting on a sofa. The sofa with a chaise seat can also be half-reclining when sitting in the chaise seat of the sofa, which can provide a more comfortable seating experience;

And the ordinary sofa can only sit up decently, if you want to lie on the sofa, unless you occupy the position of the sofa horizontally!

Of course, if you want to sit relatively comfortable, you can also set up a footstool in front of the sofa, so that when sitting on the sofa for a long time to watch movies, the posture will be more comfortable.

2. The size of the living room

The concubine position of the sofa is also related to the size of the living room. If the living room area is relatively small, then the sofa is best not to bring a concubine seat, because the sofa with a concubine seat is large, and if it is placed in a small living room, it will appear congested, and even affect the size of the living room;

If the living room area is relatively large, then you can flexibly choose a chaise sofa or an “N+1” sofa combination scheme.

3. The length of the sofa itself

The length of the sofa itself is also a factor affecting whether the concubine position is chicken ribs, because when the concubine position sits in this position, it is necessary to have a certain intersection with the person in the right position. If the length of the sofa itself is large, adding a chaise seat will not affect much whether it is the sense of space or the seating experience;

However, if the size of the sofa is relatively small (such as 2 people, small size 3 people), then such a small size sofa plus a chaise seat, sitting up may seem more crowded.

4. Whether there are sofa chairs or stools

In addition to sofas, will sofa chairs or stools be added to the living room? If there is, then the noble seat of the main sofa in the living room, unless the living room is large, may conflict with the sofa chair or stool, and need to make a trade-off.

5. Influence of moving line

The sofa of the concubine position will also have a certain impact on the flow of the living room, because the chaise position is to highlight outside the sofa area, ready to choose a sofa with a chaise seat, must consider the size of the space, the orientation of the chaise position, to avoid buying the sofa The chaise position is not in the right direction, affecting the smooth flow of the space.

6. Sofa care (fabric)

For fabric sofas, it will be relatively troublesome to take care of if you have a noble seat, especially when you want to remove and wash the sofa cover, the jacket of the L-shaped sofa is really not good; In addition, when buying a sofa cushion, it is difficult to match the cushion with a noble seat.

7. Move upstairs

The sofa with the chaise seat is larger, especially the European and American leather sofa, the size is more exaggerated, if the size of the corridor or elevator at home is small, buy a sofa with a chaise seat, there may be a situation where you can’t go upstairs, so you plan to buy a large chaise sofa, this factor also has to be considered.

About whether the noble concubine position of the sofa is a chicken rib, in fact, it is still necessary to consider according to its own apartment type, living habits and other comprehensive factors, some people may think that the concubine position is a chicken rib, but some people will also think that the concubine position is a chicken leg of beauty, what do you think?