A simple way to make cute cartoon fabric cushions

Lying on the sofa watching TV or listening to a song, a comfortable cushion allows you to completely relax and enjoy life. And a beautiful and comfortable cushion will make your home life colorful. Now homemade sofa cushions have become very popular, you can add your own little ideas, but also economical and very fulfilling. Let’s learn how easy it is to make this cute cartoon fabric cushion!

Cartoon fabric cushions with cute personalities need tools to make simple: scissors, broken flower fabric, big red plain cloth, buttons, cardboard, needle and thread.

1. Cut the fabric pattern according to Figures 1 and 2 above.

2. Cut the round cardboard and compare it with the round broken flower cloth.

3. Sew cartoon graphics according to Figure 4 above, and sew buttons to make eyes and other facial features.

4. Sew the round floral cloth on the red cloth (as shown in Figures 5 and 6 above), and finally fill it with cotton and seal it.

Cute and beautiful cartoon kangaroo throw pillows make your life full of fun.

Different colors, different patterns of fabrics, plus different small decorations make it more unique.

Match different styles of home décor.

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