There is a temperament called Chen Jiahua’s rose red suit, which looks very ordinary, but ordinary people dare not wear it at all!

Dressing up can definitely change a person’s temperament, Chen Jiahua is the best proof, the tomboy temperament of the young age to become a fashionable little woman after marriage, looking at her recent participation in the event, we will find that Chen Jiahua has become more charming and moving, 38 years old this year, she is extremely feminine mature charm, her fashion dressing strength is eye-catching. Chen Jiahua Ella is getting more and more beautiful, with curly hair and a rose red suit, not dirt and very high-end.

When it comes to spring and autumn small coats, suits must be on the list, with jeans or wide-leg pants simple and fashionable, but for mature women, such a youthful style can not well highlight their mature charm, you can learn like Chen Jiahua, with a suit with a dress, full of femininity, there is a temperament called Chen Jiahua’s rose red suit, looks very ordinary, but ordinary people dare not wear it!

The highly saturated pink set off Chen Jiahua has a small woman’s delicateness, the design of the shoulder pads is especially suitable for the petite skeleton figure, and the aura is enhanced in minutes, the classic conventional lapel collar modifies the face shape very well, the black buttons of the pink suit add a touch of maturity and stability, and the fake pockets of the bodice make this wide suit more stylish.

The jacket is extremely feminine pink, Chen Jiahua is paired with a dress, the chiffon texture is soft and flowing, neutralizing the toughness and ability of the suit, and it echoes the sweet temperament of the pink suit, the length of the calf, the skirt also flutters when walking, extremely feminine temperament. Chen Jiahua paired with black boots, which added a capable and spontaneous temperament to the overall look, and the sense of fashion was improved a lot.

Exaggerated earrings can play a role in modifying the shape of the face, Chen Jiahua’s round face is set off by the ring earrings to set off the sense of contour, the partial long hair is charming, the simple and clear makeup reduces the sense of distance, if you match the domineering piece, but do not want to concave the strong woman’s temperament, you can choose such a simple and clean makeup, the lip color avoids the big red, the whole person is much gentler. Chen Jiahua’s body is full of trend as a whole.

Suit suit is also a good choice for mature women, Chen Jiahua wears this suit color is very advanced, jujube red is not too ostentatious and can brighten the skin tone well, low-key and elegant beauty, slim clothes on the test of the figure is not small, slender style of suit to set off the slender figure, the tightening strength of the waist highlights the figure, while combined with the flared pants of the bottom, long legs are both visual. Flared pants are domineering to wear, but women with flesh on the thighs should not try it easily, and it is easy to expose shortcomings. The exaggerated earrings combined with the retro atmosphere of jujube red are thick, and the sleeves are slightly pulled up to the elbows, revealing the forearms, casual and capable.

Women who don’t like color can choose a black suit, Chen Jiahua wears this suit is domineering, velvet texture is gorgeous and graceful, Chen Jiahua’s dress looks very textured, the tightening of the waist line shows high and shows the figure, the shoulder pads make this black suit more aura, wide-leg pants can make the legs more slender, the same color suit is very integrated, visually tall and thin. Chen Jiahua tied up a low ponytail intellectually elegant, wearing dark green exaggerated earrings, dark green white effect is very good, and the combination of velvet suits, like a Hong Kong style beauty, is indeed full of personality.

Chen Jiahua’s clothes become more feminine with age, fade the young and immature of the tomboy, after becoming a mother, she shows her charming and mature feminine charm, her matching style is especially suitable for elite women, full of strong handsome and neat style, suit suits are particularly trouble-free, for middle-aged women, shoulder pads and velvet are full of textured elements, absolutely enhance your aura in minutes, exude moving charm.