What slacks do celebrities choose to wear in spring wear?

Casual pants is an indispensable item in the wardrobe, what type of casual pants to choose can often reflect a man’s clothing matching, as a popular trend indicator item in the pants wearing industry, how do we need to choose in the spring of 2017? Let’s take a look at which types of casual trousers celebrities will choose.

Japanese solid color harem pants

A slacks loved by talents, the simplicity of solid colors is more versatile; Hello’s loose design makes the legs more slender; The high-quality cotton fabric is very comfortable to the touch, which is simply the best choice for spring travel.

Vintage casual jeans

Customized twill full denim fabric, three-dimensional cut fit, double button design at the waist, double line on the side and three-layer line at the cuff to ensure the texture; The Japanese retro design style makes these pants more casual.

Solid color cargo slacks

Customized soft kind of cotton high density oblique, washing effect is very good, the inside is hemmed, the details are embroidered well; These slacks come in sizes up to 3XL, and can be worn by skinny boys and meaty; Spring, summer and autumn with canvas shoes with a good fit on the upper body.

Multi-pocket cargo trousers

An original fashion brand of casual pants, European and American street fashion design style, multi-pocket cargo wear fit makes the upper body effect masculine; The pants are cut in a three-dimensional way for a more stylish outfit. The buttons and zippers are all customer-supplied materials, and the contrast panels at the back of the trousers make them more trendy.

Japanese Harlan jeans

A jeans with a very good upper body, the fit of Hello leggings is designed to suit all leg shapes, whether you have O-legs, X-legs, or straight legs. Most types of men will wear such a line in spring clothes, stylish and versatile, don’t you move?

Hong Kong style vintage cargo pants

A very trendy casual pants, very Hong Kong style characteristics, trendy men will be thrilled! The front pocket design makes these pants more three-dimensional, and the lines are very delicately sewn, which is definitely an indispensable item for street play.