Basics: Understanding professional tools for hair cutting


Scissors: Straight scissors cut the hair with clean, flat edges, and you can also change the position of the scissors to thin the strands and make soft textured lines.

Dental scissors

Dental scissors: the cut hair has long and short, very obvious, the alternation of length and short is regular, its main function is to measure thinning, reduce the volume of hair, create movement. Dental scissors are divided into No. 8 dental scissors, No. 16 dental scissors, and No. 32 dental scissors, and the amount of teeth removed at different distances is different.

Sharpening knives

Sharpener: Brushed hair with large ends on one side and small on one side looks soft, blurred and natural.


Comb: A comb is required to comb the hair and control the hair before and during the operation. Which comb best suits your design purpose depends on the distance between the teeth. Large combs with wide pitch are used to control large amounts of hair, while small combs with fine pitches are used to handle shorter or smaller hairs.

Note: The pressure of the comb with wide tooth pitch on the hair is relatively small, and the lines combed out are soft. The fine tooth comb effect is relatively more pressure on the hair, and the lines combed are fine and clear.