Bring Aunt Zhang’s recommendation to lose weight: 3 and a half months to lose 35+ pounds of distance & equipment

First of all, the main point: I am 30 years old this year, 180cm tall, and I am still a large fat man with more than 195 pounds until August this year. Due to a major irritation of something (2,000 words omitted from the place), I made up my mind to lose weight. By walking and running to lose weight, by the date of the formation of this article, the weight was 156 pounds, and obesity was cured without medicine. This article is a testimony to your own weight loss journey, and it is also a self-tribute ~~~~

The full text is divided into 4 parts. Interested officials are welcome to browse in order. If you are not interested, you can skip to the fourth part to talk about equipment.

Let’s start with a few of my comparison pictures… My wife said not to show your face and be scary, so you will just watch ~~~~~~ Hehe.

Fat, fat


Part I: Weight Loss Methods

Part II: Weight Loss Pathway

Part III: The Way Forward

Part IV: Weight Loss Equipment

OK, here we go.

Seriously, my solution is so simple, it’s walking, walking briskly, and occasionally running.

Walk 90 minutes each day to and from work, each trip is about 9.5-10.5 kilometers (the walking route to and from work is slightly different), the basic pace is 1 km every 10 minutes, adhere to it every day, basically rain or shine.

At the same time, appropriate control of dietary intake, less oil, low salt and low sugar, pay attention to the balanced intake of protein, vegetables and fruits.

As you can see, my average speed is actually the speed of walking… Not very soon.

I won’t say much about scientific principles and suggestions, but to summarize, there are 4 main points:


Aerobic exercise is the biggest tool for weight loss (fat loss).

Each aerobic exercise lasts longer than 40 minutes before the body starts burning fat. There is a scientific basis for this. The principle is too complicated, not much explanation (I don’t understand too much), everyone has questions to find Baidu, hehe.


Remember to relax and stretch after exercise.

In the past, I watched interviews with athletes on TV, saying that they had to do relaxation and stretching activities for the same length of time as training every day after training. For us ordinary people, although relaxation does not need to be as long as professional athletes, the necessary stretching and relaxation are indispensable. Otherwise, if you don’t take the initiative to relax, your body will relax when you sleep, which directly affects your sleep quality. This is a lesson of thumb!!!


Persist, persist, or persist! Say important things three times.

Brisk walking and small running, although it takes a long time, but it is a real long-term aerobic exercise, which is very helpful for weight loss. At the same time, you won’t get tired too quickly and be able to stick to it.


The route of walking, pondering well, the amount of exercise, gradually increased.

Flat ground, parks, wide sidewalks, roads with fewer cars, and civic squares are all good choices for brisk walking. It is also good if it can be combined with the road to and from work. I commuted to work, not much at first, about 6-7 kilometers one way (the rest of the subway is solved), then I felt comfortable and began to increase the amount, until now 9.5-10.5 kilometers one way every day.

At first: I didn’t know it at all.

To be honest, when I first walked, I really didn’t have a good heart, although I knew that long-term aerobic exercise could lose weight, but I still had no bottom in my heart. I had to keep walking every day and see. Watching the mileage measured by Nike running in my phone gradually increase every day, I continued to encourage myself.

When it is ongoing: I want to give up when I am tired.

In the first two weeks, in addition to walking to and from work, I also went to climb mountains and walk along the Pearl River. Looking at the road that I don’t know when I will reach the end, the psychological side is actually very unscrupulous, and I want to give up. But always think about persevering, persisting, you will reach the end, and slowly persevere.

When the results are produced: the mood is good.

In fact, from August to early September, the results of the first results, the waist circumference dropped from the original 38 to about 35, 34, and the weight was about 170. At that time, my heart was really excited, and I took advantage of the late summer to buy some new clothes (size L tops, 35 waist pants, etc.) hehe. But I know it’s not okay, I have to continue. Because my goal is 150 pounds.

Get used to it: Move every day.

With the persistence and deepening of exercise, walking to and from work every day has become my norm. So far in December, when I wrote this article, Guangzhou has successfully entered winter for the fifth time after four failed winters, and the temperature has reached about 10-15, but I have become accustomed to walking, so I have kept walking, in fact, I have saved a lot of transportation costs.

The following are all testimonies of my daily insistence~~~~~

So far, my goal (150 pounds) has not been achieved, although I am encouraged to say that the results have been achieved. Therefore, life does not stop, and the movement still cannot be stopped.

Immediate goals:

1. The weight reached 150 pounds in 2016.

This requires continuous walking and running, combined with anaerobic muscle training.

2. Participated in two half marathon runs in 2016.

I’ve been pondering this and bought a book to study. The takeaway for now is to have a heart rate monitor.

Because I’m not at all interested in heart rate bands like Decathlon, and then devices like the Apple Watch that can’t continuously measure exercise heart rate don’t have a good impression. So, a heart rate monitor is a necessity too.

Medium- and long-term goals:

The weight is maintained between 140-155 pounds, the physical indicators are all normal, and there are no various “high” or “low” caused by obesity. Weak alkaline physique, muscles, good health.

The things I’ve mentioned below are all things I’ve been using for a while, or have just started and are yet to be shipped back.

The ancients said: If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools.

My daughter-in-law said: I can save any equipment for long-distance walking and running, but only shoes cannot. Well, with this instruction, I’m good to go.

Core equipment: shoes.

I already have a few Nike Addies, plus the top cushioning models of the major brands that I have newly purchased. Let’s take a look at the mileage of my shoes first! ~!

1. Nike Air Max 2014

, see the picture. This is a special price of HKD899 in Hong Kong in 2014, and I have accompanied me to Taiwan and South Korea. The walk accompanied me for more than 250 kilometers, and I ended up wearing it out, and the air cushion on my right foot deflated. Let’s look at the picture. I haven’t taken a photo of this one, so I had to look for it on Taobao. Excuse me!!


2, Nike Tailwind 7 series

, see the picture. This is a Hong Kong special price HKD699 purchased in early September this year, has accompanied me to walk more than 900 kilometers, hehe, quite resistant to tossing, so far it is not rotten, but it is basically not used to walk, run. Just wear it while shopping.

3, Adidas2 double

, the former was purchased during the promotion of a department store in Guangzhou, and the latter was purchased in Hong Kong, all of which are about 300-400, and the series is unknown. Both pairs of shoes have been in service for 3 years and are not rotten yet. It is used to walk and run, and it has a cumulative appearance of 200 kilometers. Usually wear it, the feeling of sports feet is really not very good. At present, I also wear it when I go shopping.

4, Mizuno Wave Rider 17

, women’s model, shipped back about 350 looks. The product was recommended by Aunt Zhang and purchased at 6PM at the beginning of the year. It was originally a gift for my mother, but because the size was too big, my mother was 41 and I was 43.5-44 (there was a problem with the size chart at 6PM), and my mother didn’t ask for it and gave me to wear it. It is currently in service for almost 300 km. It is very comfortable to wear, it is estimated that it can serve up to 800 kilometers, but the sole seems to be a little thin and worn a little flat. Let’s look at the picture.

Aunt Zhang’s recommendation page:

5, Mizuno Wave Creation 16

, men’s model, recommended by Aunt Zhang during the National Day, placed an order at 6PM, and received about 470 yuan. Just wore it for 2 days and felt hard. Introduction, big weight to step on ~~~ hehe, temporarily still adapting. Service mileage is difficult to say. Take your time.

6、Saucony Triumph ISO

, recommended by Aunt Zhang at the end of October, Meiya is about 62 yuan. Soconi Guangzhou has not found a specialty store for the time being, so I can only try it blindly. I heard it was good.


7、Asics Quantum360

, before and after Black Friday, I broke the news of Aunt Zhang, Eastbay 89 yuan, which is a new low price to buy, Guangzhou tried through, felt so comfortable, so I was sure and bought a double.

8、New Balance 1080V4

, women’s model, Aunt Zhang Black Five before and after, JoesNB special price 39 yuan, Guangzhou tried through V5, I think this should be similar, and the size is right, the price is more appropriate, buy!

The above three pairs of ABC shoes are still on the way back to China, and they will be posted separately.

Other types of equipment: wired headphones, Bluetooth headsets, sports bracelets, Decathlon clothing, kettles, Baomine powder, Gatorade powder, books, etc.

One by one:

1. Wired earphone:

Nokia’s WH-920, recommended by Aunt Zhang in October, sent back by direct mail, has already posted a list, Aunt Zhang recommended in October, Meiya bought. Seriously, it’s a sentiment. Of course, it is convenient to use on iPhone, Xiaomi, Nokia mobile phones, and the sound quality is good, and it will not fall off after running.

Aunt Zhang’s recommendation page:

My Leaflet:


2. Bluetooth headset:

LG HBS-900。 I also have a single list of this headset, Aunt Zhang recommends Deya’s, welcome to check it out. This kind of neck bluetooth headset is not particularly suitable for running, because it knocks on the neck when running, but walking can be.

My Assessment Page:

3. Sports bracelet:

JAWBONE’s UP24. In April this year, Aunt Zhang recommended direct mail purchase, orange L code. I wore it very tightly before losing weight, but now it is much looser. I wanted to write about unboxing, but I dragged it because I was lazy.

(I followed it for a long time, and finally put an orange one)

4. Kettle

, in fact, this is nothing to sun, a happy button, small bottle mouth, suitable for exercise, good. There is also a recommendation by Aunt Zhang to buy, shake the cup, Meiya direct mail is less than 90 yuan.

5. Decathlon sportswear

。 I have bought a lot of Decathlon clothing, first because it is cheap, but also because of the large size, you can use it as pajamas. With the increase in exercise now, the demand has also increased (PS: because every day to work and walk, back to the unit must need to change clothes, regardless of hot or cold, and the temperature is low in winter, keeping warm and preventing colds is also an important thing, and diverse needs arise)

A few main recommendations (all pictures from Decathlon Tmall flagship store):

(1) Sports shorts/long pants with zipper pockets:

These pants are divided in the football series. The main benefits: fast drying, zipper in the pocket to prevent losing things.



(2) Quick-drying, breathable short/long underwear:

I don’t remember dividing this in that sports series. Benefits: Fast drying, light, thin.

Short sleeves

Long sleeves

(3) Running pants:

This is a plush tight-fitting running suit specially designed for running, pants. It is more snug-fitting, and does not forget to breathe



7. Baomine Punch

➕ Gatorade Powder: These two powders are not available in mainland China. I bought it in Hong Kong, 5 packs are about 40 Hong Kong dollars, each pack can flush 1 liter of water, and the sweetness is quite strong. Gatorade I was brought back in the United States by someone else, and I haven’t used it yet. This product can be bought in Meiya, but the freight is more expensive than the price if it is shipped back to China. Ay. Look at the picture.

8. Several books,

There are mainly 2 kinds of books here, one is about walking and the other is about stretching, which can be regarded as a reference book. In particular, stretching exercises are a must-have designated action for relaxing after daily exercise, so be sure to do it!!

By the way, tell me about the running Bible

Honestly, really professional,

It was written by a German running coach. It is recommended that if you are interested in reading running books, this one is very good. I also looked at an electronic version of a book called the Chinese Running Bible, which was obviously not as well written. Although there is some solid content in it, the overall professionalism is two notches worse than this Running Bible.

If you still have questions, please feel free to ask in the comments, I am happy to answer for you.

At the end, there is a lung sentence: being ugly is a lifetime thing, and growing fat is a matter of a while.

Bring Aunt Zhang’s recommendation to lose weight: 3 and a half months to lose 35+ pounds of distance & equipment

Fat, fat

Part I: Weight Loss Methods

Part II: Weight Loss Pathway

Part III: The Way Forward

Part IV: Weight Loss Equipment

Aunt Zhang’s recommendation page:

Aunt Zhang’s recommendation page:

Aunt Zhang’s recommendation page: