44-year-old Zeng Li is too resistant to aging, wearing a burgundy one-shoulder dress that is elegant and gentle, and his figure is not inferior to the 00s

Really elegant women are very good at dressing, even if they are not beautiful enough, it doesn’t matter, you have to try to make yourself an atmospheric beauty, like

Zeng Li

is the dress template of mature women, this time participating in the event, she appeared in a burgundy one-shoulder evening dress,

Light gauze panels with small V-neck

The embellishments have enhanced the overall design,

Full femininity.

**Highlights of this issue↓

1. Burgundy is a very advanced color.

2. The design of the shoulders highlights the figure.

3. The integration of small details enhances the overall texture.

Tips.1: Burgundy is a very advanced color

44-year-old Zeng Li is too anti-aging, wearing a burgundy one-shoulder dress that is elegant and gentle, and his figure is not inferior to 00, Zeng Li chose this dress skirt as a whole


, which is a very

Advanced colors

, red itself is more ostentatious, even a minimalist solid color can make you easily stand out in the crowd, reap a full return rate, but red is easy to wear an old-fashioned feeling, if you are not confident enough, burgundy is your best choice,

Superior and atmospheric

*The design of the shoulders highlights the figure

This dress dress is adopted

The design of the shoulder

It’s a figure-flattering cut that perfectly shows off your delicate collarbone and rounded shoulders, perfect for possession

Right shoulders with swan neck

Women, choosing such a dress when attending an event can make you the focus of everyone’s eyes in minutes.

* The fusion of small details enhances the overall texture

Zeng Li is worthy of being the “goddess of temperament”, a burgundy evening dress is smart and noble, dignified and mature, although the whole is only a color of wine red, but the sense of design is very strong, first of all, the chest is fused

Small V-neck

This can make a small show of career lines, but it won’t make you look too revealing, and the light gauze skirt can make you show very much

Gorgeous visuals


“Short front and long back”

The cut shows off your straight and slender legs, and when combined with sequins, you can also show them off

Shine brightly



Zeng Li is very good at playing his own advantages, since he has a good figure, he must show it, which is also a point that everyone needs to learn, pure colors can best highlight the sense of premium, often you only need to integrate small details to make your temperament go to a higher level.

After looking at this shape, I believe that you are still unfinished in front of the screen, so let’s continue to watch.

How do middle-aged women wear a sense of luxury? Learn from Zeng Li is right!

【White dress dress】

Highlights: gentle, atmospheric, dignified

No.1: Light gauze dress dress

Crushes who often need to attend important events, and an evening dress with a strong sense of design are definitely indispensable in the wardrobe,

White is the holiest color

, not only is it not old-fashioned, but it can make you stand out in the crowd and show

Decent and dignified

of temperament.

The blessing of light gauze chiffon material can not only add a few points

Fantastic charm

, can also bring a natural feeling of drape with the movement of the human body,

Light and gentle

, full of sense of age-reduction.

No.2: Slim model that highlights the figure

A white dress dress can naturally also be worn with a figure that accentuates the figure

Slim dress

Combined, it frames your figure from top to bottom, and a modern white dress will let you shine

Extremely sexy and feminine,

And the cheongsam style dress can show a kind of Jiangnan woman’s delicate style,

Full of classical charm

【Big skirt dress skirt】

→ gorgeous, noble, princess-like

Evening gowns and large skirts are also the best companions, and it can bring a lot

, and play a good blocking role, very suitable for women whose leg lines are not so soft, its blocking effect is very high, and small eyebrows can also be matched with a pair

high heels

, it can make your whole person look

Noble as a princess

【Sequin skirt】

Highlights: shining, noble and gorgeous

Dresses in solid colors tend to be the most expressive, but thoughtful crushes will use sequin dresses to enhance their texture, which allows you to appear in the light

Shiny and handsome,

It is an artifact that shows a sense of handsomeness, but do not fuse sequins that are too large and plastic, otherwise it will give people a cheap feeling.

【Waist design is important】

**Pay attention to the waistline!

When choosing a dress, everyone must pay attention

The height of the waistline

, like a piece with a high waist line, you can perfectly cut your upper and lower body proportions, lengthen your legs to bring visual effects, thus playing a role in showing height, is a gospel for small cuties, and it can also make you look more shapely.

【Dignified suit】


Almost a must-have item for mature women, it will only let you exude

The temperament, its material is hard and straight, so it can make you

The aura is powerful

, its meat covering is good, even if you have a lot of meat on your body, don’t worry, very suitable for OL eyebrows in the workplace.

It’s really fashionable, every outfit is worth learning and reference, in fact, as long as you master the essence of matching, one day you will also exude the temperament of a female star.

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Zeng Li

Gorgeous visuals

Shine brightly


Decent and dignified