Xiamen, a “post-80s” self-taught wood art Wooden ornaments are full of design

Source: Taihai Net

Lin Haifeng’s handmade woodwork.

Taihai Net on November 10 According to Xiamen Daily, exquisite and flexible wooden robots, mysterious Luban locks, interesting wooden horses, antique covered bridges, wooden ornaments with full sense of design… With his love and passion for wood art, 34-year-old Lin Haifeng gives wood a new life.

On a warm autumn afternoon, the reporter walked into Lin Haifeng’s home in Tong’an District. Lin Haifeng left himself a wooden art space, full of all kinds of gadgets, wooden spoons, wooden plates, wooden benches… There are even Trojans on the ground. Woodworking tools such as faders and saws hang all over the wall, and the whole space is filled with a faint wood fragrance. “Carpentry is a careful job, but also a hard work, and it is very boring, and people who have no patience and cannot endure hardships cannot do this.” Lin Haifeng said while busy.

Lin Haifeng’s father is an old carpenter, and the furniture in the family is made by his father, and in the past, villagers built new houses, and they would also ask their father to help build the main body. Since he was a child, Lin Haifeng liked wood art in his heart, and he was there to figure out what to do as soon as school was over. As a child, helping to pull saws, sharpen blades, file saws, push planers, and gouge eyes was his daily routine; Probably from the previous year, Lin Haifeng began to really learn to do carpentry systematically.

Recalling following his father to do carpentry when he was a child, watching online videos, studying manual shavings, flat planing, side planing, tenon and other steps, Lin Haifeng began a journey of self-learning woodworking. “The most important process is polishing, whether a thing is done well or not, mainly depends on the details, whether there are scratches and burrs, whether it is warm to the touch.” Lin Haifeng said that making a handmade square stool seems simple, but it contains basic carving skills, surface treatment, etc., sandpaper polishing takes more than a dozen, it takes several hours, and after each step, you can see the little change of the wood, from rough to perfect. Lin Haifeng said that this is the fun of handmade woodwork.

“In addition to craftsmanship and craftsmanship, I value design more.” Lin Haifeng is an art teacher, perhaps influenced by his profession, he loves design. Lin Haifeng said that his most satisfying work is a wooden boat ornament with Xiamen cultural symbols. The wooden boat is finely made, the hull has exquisite patterns and reliefs, and the masts, oars, rudders, etc. are all available on board. (Text/Photo: Reporter Deng Ning)