Inventory of Ms. Luo Jie’s celebrity bags, beautiful and versatile, Han Fan is full

Australian Wild Rose Rose’s collection of classic bags, all versatile and stylish, you want to start at a glance

Rose in blackpink looks and figure are very outstanding, especially her unique honey voice singing rapper and slag song is also particularly sultry, cold white skin skin color is also worthy of the title of Australian rose, in this team Cai Inioni is also very good at dressing, several times airport outfits are on the domestic platform hot search, this issue let’s take a look at rose’s bag collection!


Paragraph 1: Bucket handbags

DELVAUK is a brand from Belgium, and is the oldest existing handbag brand, the pursuit of craftsmanship excellence spirit and reputation is also very famous DELVAUK.

The black bucket bag in Rose’s hand seems simple, but its bottom is a distinctive arc, a different design, it is very independent and personal; The capacity of the bucket bag is very large, very suitable for office workers, with a small suit or a long trench coat, are very temperamental!

Paragraph 2: Square handbag

This turmeric and yellow-brown patchwork handbag is very simple, and the warm color combination of the same color is very suitable for autumn and winter. The size of this bag is too large, daily work, business trips are very practical, the style is also relatively mature, with a black suit or khaki trench coat, and a pair of knight boots is very elite.

Cross-body bag

Paragraph 1: Large cross-body bag

This is a classic model of Valentino, black square bag, tough fit simple and atmospheric and very versatile, metal chain decoration is also a fusion with fashion; Square bag, wear a wide striped shirt with wide-leg jeans every day, and then casually step on this bag, it is very casual and free, and a little temperamental.

Paragraph 2: diagonal span flat bag

Compared with the previous one, this version is relatively soft and angular, the size of the bag is also more suitable for daily life, seemingly small but very deep is also a very capable bag Oh, daily with sweaters and short skirts and then diagonally across this bag, it is very ladylike, sweet and cool!

Paragraph 3: Burgundy square bag

YSL’s burgundy bag with metal hardware is very retro, the design of the large flap is very cute, and the same color coat and wide-leg pants with rose are also very high-end, very similar to the rich family’s small gold, playful and very fashionable; It is also very suitable for the daily wear of the student party, wearing a white lamb wool jacket with a pair of slim jeans, and then carrying this burgundy small square bag, very cute and very preppy!

Paragraph 4: White tofu bag

This YSL white tofu bag with metal hardware is very simple and advanced, the style of tofu bag is also very classic, so very versatile and daily wear, autumn and winter with royal blue tweed clothes are very colorful and very white, like daily with black coat or with oversized-style blazer, it is very casual and fashionable.

Section 5: Cross-body belt bag

This Alexander . Wang’s belt bag is very cool, don’t worry about being like a vegetable market aunt, black leather zipper bag with silver metal style large chain is very free and casual, very young and fashionable and can express personality bags, you can also carry both; It’s very simple and fashionable to wear a T-shirt and jeans in the summer, and now you can wear a black tweed coat in autumn and winter, and Martin boots are also super cool!

It is worthy of being a European wild rose, can sing and dance and super can dress, is there anyone who doesn’t like such a rose! What other beautiful bags do you like about rose, welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

What other outfits do you want for farmers and farmers, welcome to leave a message in the comment area~

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