Oversized jacket + leggings, wide top and narrow bottom to cover the flesh legs longer

Although everyone’s vision of beauty is different, for the sisters, showing thin and hiding meat is still a top priority after all. A good figure is very important, in the fashion trend, there are also a variety of thin routines directly or indirectly, plus-size jacket + tights is a kind of one.

It’s not a difficult thing to look slim, and hiding small fat with leggings brings a reason to be fashionable and tall. And the flowy feeling of the plus-size jacket wraps the place that should be covered, which naturally makes it more thin and flavorful, and the small belly is hidden invisible.

Part1 Light trench coat + leggings

【Loose plus-size lace-up long trench coat】

A very temperamental trench coat with just the right thickness this early spring. Exquisite double-breasted design, simple and casual temperament. Comfortable H fit, smooth line silhouette, with waist ties, wear slim and thin, fashionable and versatile.

【Korean version loose embroidered double-breasted coat】

Following the traditional trench coat workmanship, the classic slim fit accentuates the temperament. Stylish fit design, elegant and sophisticated. The temperamental large lapel design inherits the classic trench coat. Structured and stylish belt style, high-end embroidery design, elegant and generous, exquisite and stylish.

【Fattening and enlarged casual jacket trench coat】

The front and back loose-leaf panels of the clothes are full of layers. Diagonal pockets, beautiful and generous. The fitted H fit requires less figure, accommodates more figures, and is comfortable and free to wear. Handsome small stand collar, can also be turned down, multiple choices, a variety of styles.

【Loose plus-size slim high-waisted jeans】

A pair of high-waisted jeans with a high-waisted design that easily covers the waist fat. The elasticated waist is suitable for different body shapes, and the metal button at the waist is a highlight. The stretchy small leg pants style is more suitable for all body types, even fat MM can easily control.

Part2 jacket + leggings

The handsome and uninhibited feeling of the jacket is inexplicably attractive, which fits well with the personality of sitting quietly in the sun. The realm may be the destiny in the underworld. Leggings and jackets are mixed together, bringing the rashness of hiding the small belly, which is really precious.

【Korean embroidered plus-size denim jacket】

Handsome denim jacket with a delicate little cropped design. Popular print elements, romantic and warm. Stars and swallows are embroidered on both sides to outline an elegant shape. Unlike traditional denim jackets, this one is a little more feminine. Wear it with a T-shirt or dress.

【Loose oversized casual jacket cardigan jacket】

The cuffs are designed with elastic pleats, which is not only fashionable, but also comfortable and free to wear. Handsome lapel design, very simple and capable. The pleated hem adds a bit of personality. With a pair of jeans and a pair of casual shoes, it is youthful and lively at the same time, but also has a bit of a lean and capable temperament.

【Fat stretch slim nine-point leggings】

A fat MM wears leggings that are all said to be good, which can be well tolerated for different body types. High elastic cuffs, comfortable to wear without tightening. The shape of the trousers with small feet fits the legs, defines the leg shape, and easily looks thin. The sewing is uniform and dense, and the details are beautiful and durable.

Part3 Knitted cardigan + leggings

After a dull winter, I used a knitted cardigan that I had not met for a long time to enjoy the beauty of hidden flesh in the flowing romance. It has a bit of beauty and sweetness, and in the delicacy of knitting, it has a soft unruly and style. Pair it with leggings to show a confident sense of indulgence in front of people, without losing your leisurely appearance.

【Fat plus-size loose-fitting knit cardigan】

Who said that fat MM can’t wear knitted clothes, and it is still beautiful and elegant when worn correctly. High-quality knitted fabric, comfortable and soft. Double white striped collar, inlaid V-neck effect, stretch neck, visual slimming effect. Inside the dark cardigan, with a light-colored singlet, wear a different soft sister style.

【Large size slim mid-length sweater jacket】

A simple and versatile sweater jacket in macaron hues, the loose H-fit just covers the belly and arm fats. The cuff flange design is full of Han style. Two pocket design, exquisite and beautiful, generous and practical. Wear it with a pair of slim jeans or skirts, while slimming and thin, wear a different soft girl style.

【Loose plus-size brushed ripped jeans】

Wearing rags for beauty is a popular trend in jeans, and there are several brushed holes on the pants to make the pants look younger. The side pockets are angled and stud design is very personal. The side line is delicate and even, which modifies the leg shape, enhances the sense of layering, and easily looks thin.

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