Don’t throw away old hangers, these 10 magic uses can help you solve a lot of things

Every household will have a lot of hangers, but looking at the clothes support at home, I always feel that it has any other use than hanging clothes. There are many materials of hangers, such as plastic, metal, wood, etc., do not count, do not know, a number of shock, hangers actually have more than ten uses, hurry up with flowers to take a look.

How can an ordinary hanger be used in addition to drying clothes? Some hangers do not have small hooks at the bottom, which is very inconvenient when drying jeans or other pants, and it is easy to hold the pants until they are deformed, or it is easy to fall. We can bend both ends of the hanger upwards to make small hooks, and larger ones can be used to dry shoes.


Hangers are generally used in the bathroom or balcony, what use can the hanger play in the kitchen? Prepare a plastic hanger, fold the lowest edge into an “M” shape, and hang it on the wall, so that the lid can be placed on the hanger when the lid is opened. It can also be cut directly, and then the kitchen paper is passed through it and hung up, which is a simple paper extraction device.

You can also prepare several wooden hangers without wooden hangers, two in a group, front and back. In this way, three groups are then combined with long wooden sticks, which can be made into kitchenware storage, which can play a temporary water control role, as well as hang some cups and other items.


Find a few plastic hangers, first pull them into squares, and then fold them in half, so you can put some magazines, newspapers, etc. books. You can hang it at your desk, or where you sit for a long time, so that you can take it as you go. It can also be made into creative lamps, and the hanger can be pasted in one direction to make a very creative lampshade. The hanger is stretched twisted and twisted, and the bottom is completed in a nearly circular shape, so that a group of two makes a simple hanging basket.

Pair with other scrap items

When combined with a pull-up ring, it can greatly save space in the wardrobe. Generally, the leftover cans are also thrown away directly, but we can take off the pull-up ring, pass through the hook on the hanger, and hang the hook of the other family, and the original space for one piece of clothing can be put two.

The bottom edge of the two hangers is tied with a cable tie, or it can be tied with an ordinary rope and pulled into two diamonds, which can be used to hang pillows and dry pillows. The hanger is pulled into a square, two in a group, noting that the two hooks should be in one place, in one direction. The four corners are fixed with cable ties and bagged to make a simple trash can with hooks.

The above tricks you can use a softer hook at home to try, well, today Hua Hua will be introduced here, if you have any tricks, you can leave a message below to share Oh.