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Love car riding through thousands of mountains and rivers, along the way is inevitably bumpy, wheels and bumpy road collision for a long time, gradually deflected rim will not only affect the feeling of riding the road, but also cause uneven brake feeling, Ah Zhi teaches everyone how to do it yourself DIY correction, to avoid the fate of the wheel rim due to excessive deflection and must be sent back to the original factory!

Many commercially available tools have a copper head adjustment function, which can be operated by any coil adjuster (copper head adjuster).

Tuning circles are essential

The correction of rim deflection is mainly to center the rim by adjusting the spoke tension on the left and right sides of the rim to achieve balance.

●When adjusting the spoke copper head, the direction is opposite to the lock screw, counterclockwise for locking, clockwise for relaxation. For example, if the rim swing position is to the right (the right spoke pulls more), it is necessary to see whether the spoke at the place is the right spoke or the left spoke, and if it is the right side, the tension is relaxed clockwise; If it is left, adjust it counterclockwise, and also adjust the front and rear spokes (the other spokes) in the opposite direction.

●The adjustment range of the copper head is limited to 1/8 to 1/4 turn each time, turn the rim to check after adjustment, and adjust it slowly, so as not to adjust too much at one time may cause serious consequences.

Rim deflection correction begins!

This time, the main purpose is to simply improve the ride and brake feel, and the brake pad of the vehicle itself is used to make judgments and corrections, such as turning the vehicle upside down in the demonstration can be more convenient to operate.

1. Adjust the brake stroke knob so that the brake pad is closer to the rim to facilitate the interpretation of the deflection condition.

2. Turn the wheel set and find out the offset part by observing the gap change when the rim passes through the brake pad.

3. Mark the spokes in the most severely distorted position, adjust the spoke using the coil adjuster, and one spoke before and after it (

According to the aforementioned adjustment circle, you must know the skills

Then repeat steps 2 and 3 to repeatedly correct to a satisfactory state.

After the rim correction is completed, adjust the brake pad spacing back to the appropriate distance, and confirm that the brake is centered, so as to avoid distortion of the rim due to long-term uneven force.

This time only applies to the rim

Side-to-side swing

Make simple adjustments, but professional rim correction also includes details such as true circle and diagonal tension, or some wheels use a special design of non-square copper heads, if riders have needs, it is recommended to ask professional technicians or original factory assistance to correct it will be more accurate!

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