Wide-leg pants are gone! This year’s popular “cargo trench coat”, with pipe pants, is fashionable and capable

Today’s fashion trendsetters are not only satisfied with basic matching items, but prefer some fashionable special matches, as fashionable essence,

We can take a look at this year’s popular workwear trench coat concave shape, which is more unique than ordinary trench coats, and the combination of cargo trench coats and pipe pants is very advanced

, thin and tall and fashionable!

The shape of the pipe pants is more special, and the loose legs can meet our matching needs

, and can show a casual temperament to a certain extent, and the combination of pipe pants and cargo trench coats is super thin!

First, the advantages of a workwear trench coat?

The so-called trench coat is very popular in autumn and winter, and the combination of windbreaker and pipe pants is also very advanced.

And the style and style of the cargo trench coat are very unique, with a bit of street feel

, looks more unique, showing a unique temperament, the shape of the cargo trench coat is basically very neutral, you can usually learn from.

At the same time, the design of the cargo trench coat is very unique, if you can combine some large

Design of pockets

, visually it will look more chic, giving people a more different feeling, the light khaki cargo trench coat below and white T-shirt and jeans are more casual and free, very suitable for daily life,

And the style of the khaki trench coat is very simple, combined with the basic light color matching,

Maximize your charisma!

Of course

The advantage of the workwear trench coat is also that it is very thin, and the effect of covering the flesh is simply barbaric,

You can try this kind of workwear trench coat and belt matching, the sense of layering is stronger, and can also show a slender waist, and the matching of the checked trench coat combined with the belt is also very thin, combined with retro check elements, more casual temperament, will not feel that you can’t control it~

Second, the matching demonstration of cargo trench coat + cigarette pipe pants:

Matching demonstration 1: cargo trench coat + small turtleneck + black pipe pants

Will the sisters worry about their thick legs or their poor figure, so they will pay attention to covering their flesh and showing thinness when matching daily,

The frock trench coat below is extremely thin and flesh, combined with this kind of light khaki can highlight the gentle temperament, and the average person has no problem controlling it.

At the same time, the layering of purple undershirts can highlight the gentle temperament and create a full femininity, if you want to look thin, you can also learn Zhao Wei with black pipe pants, the effect of thinning is super good!

Matching demonstration 2: cargo trench coat + pipe pants + booties

In fact, most people like to choose basic workwear trench coats concave shapes, and most of the styles of trench coats are very simple,

It’s basically khaki or camel.

These basic color combinations are not easy to make mistakes and can also reflect your casual temperament. The cargo trench coat below is paired with blue jeans, which can enhance your personal charm to a certain extent,

Combined with this kind of pointy-toe booty concave shape, it is simply full of aura!

If it is autumn and winter, many people may be worried that their figure is not good enough, this time you can try denim wide-leg pants concave shape, you can also combine trench coat concave shape.

The following workwear trench coat is also very loose, the overall shape does not have great requirements for the figure, the average person can control, by the way the trench coat is open, it will look more casual, but also can show a lazy temperament, do not be afraid that you can’t control it!

Young sisters can choose the style and length of their trench coat according to their figure, the following trench coat design is worth referring to, this basic color of the trench coat is very simple to match, combination

Long anxile length

The design can effectively enhance the aura, but the long trench coat may not be suitable for small girls, it is easy to lower your height and look five-five.

Yang Zi cleverly matched white booties, the visual thinning effect is very good, and it can also reduce the sense of weight.

Matching demonstration three: cargo trench coat + denim pipe pants + high heels

When sisters go to work, they want to be able to wear more formal and reflect their femininity, this time you can try the concave shape of high heels, through the combination of high heels to show your long legs, look super sexy.

The trench coat below is paired with denim pipe pants, the upper body still looks very formal, but the matching of the lower body is very charming, combined with pointed heels, revealing slender ankles, the visual thinning effect is good~

At the same time, small girls can borrow this black mid-length trench coat, the length of which is the length of the calf, this length looks super simple

, can define your calves, black is also very thin!

Therefore, the sisters must try more different styles of styling when they usually match, especially the shape of the above cargo trench coat and pipe pants, which looks simple, casual and generous, can enhance your charm to a certain extent, looks very simple and atmospheric, and can also modify the figure, and wear it at work can also show a sense of premium~