“56 years old” Kim loves, and the size 44 dress is also loose… Zero wrinkles, beauty is still the same

On the 3rd, Kim’s official Instagram account uploaded two photos.

In the public photo, Kim Ai shows the goddess of the Greek temple. The youthful appearance is stunning.

Especially although he is 56 years old this year, he said that he has maintained a size 44, so he is still updating his beauty.

On the other hand, Kim Ai starred in the second original film “Deadpool” launched by OTT Wave in South Korea, and actors Cho Jin-woong and Lee so-kyung were confirmed to star in the drama, and their first shooting began on November 1.

Kim loves to appear in the TV series “The World of Husband and Wife”, “Secret Meeting”, the movie “To Yoonhee”, “The Story of the River” and so on. This time, in “Deadpool”, he played Ms. Shen, an adviser who manipulated politics with natural resourcefulness and fortitude, adding tension to the show with her unique leadership charm.

Wave’s original film Dead Man will be released in theaters and Wave in 2022.