“Happiness came a little suddenly”, Italy 00 Winter Olympic Village “Chinese birthday”

When the birthday coincided with the Beijing Winter Olympics and coincided with the traditional Chinese Year, the “villagers” of Yanqing Winter Olympic Village from all over the world were “wrapped” in happiness. At 20 p.m. on January 30, Italian bobsledder Leon became the first foreign athlete to celebrate his birthday in the Yanqing Winter Olympic Village. Yan Han, secretary general of Yanqing Winter Olympic Village, and Zhang Jing, deputy director of external relations, presented a birthday cake on behalf of village chief Cheng Hong. Looking at the exquisite birthday cake and the tulips that have just opened, the 00 post-00 said “thank you!” in a row. The Winter Olympic Village restaurant, which can accommodate nearly 1,000 people, exudes a strong taste of the New Year under the “embellishment” of the birthday song.

Fukuzi paper cuts, tulips that have just opened, birthday cakes… Behind every birthday gift is the ingenuity of Cheng Hong, the head of the Winter Olympic Village, the village chief’s office and the staff of various departments.

“Village Chief Cheng Hong specially reminded everyone to bring out foreign athletes whose birthdays are between February and March, and each one should give a small gift for a Chinese birthday.” The relevant person in charge said

Entering the Winter Olympic Village is like arriving at home, and the staff in the village interpret this sentence with practical actions. Lyon was the first foreign athlete to celebrate his birthday, and the village struggled to prepare the gift.

Birthday cakes and birthday songs are must-haves, and paper cuts with the characters of Fu and Yanqing Winter Olympic Village are not difficult to make. But this blessed flower made everyone a little “embarrassed”.

“Flowers, be sure to send the kind that has just opened, indicating that this birthday star is positive in the new year.” I also wish him good results in the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics. ”

What flowers to give? After being reminded by the village chief Cheng Hong, everyone agreed that the tulips that had just been delivered to the village were the most suitable.

“The company that provides flowers used to serve the Beijing World Garden Fair, the quality of the flowers is guaranteed, and foreign athletes generally love tulips.”

In order not to delay the birthday party in the evening, the staff specially chose a pot of tulips that were already in bloom.

“This pot has already opened, the yellow powder is particularly bright, and there are buds to be put, which is just right for the young man after 00.” Everyone spoke in unison.

With the tulips, the staff immediately plunged into the intense “pot” making. With limited office space, three girls sat on the floor in the room, using scissors to cut open large bottles of mineral water and transform the bottom of the bottles into “flower pots”. After making, paste the prepared blessing characters on it.

In this regard, the relevant person in charge said: “We fully consider the principle of simplicity and make the best use of things, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also reflects the heart and creativity.” ”

The meticulous preparation was exchanged for the smile of the “birthday star”, and when the gifts and blessings came to his face, the Italian guy Leon was excited, laughing and saying that “happiness came a little suddenly”.

Have a Chinese birthday and experience the Chinese Spring Festival. As Cheng Hong, the village mayor, said, Yanqing Winter Olympic Village, as a home for athletes, welcomes every “villager” to go home for the New Year.

The birthday party in the Winter Olympic Village will make strangers no longer “think of family”, but with the “villagers” from all over the world.

Photo courtesy of Yanqing Winter Olympic Village