Do you still need a reason to buy fur coats, bags, and hats in winter?

I remember the last time I shared a plush item with you was 2 years ago, but I didn’t expect that the voice is still very high this year, which shows that it is still your favorite in winter.

Without further ado, let’s take a plush collection today, 50+ popular and practical new models are here!

There are coats, bags, accessories

All pieces are labelled and directly ๐Ÿ” identical

It is recommended that children ๐Ÿ’ click “watching + collecting”

It’s warm all winter

Every winter, not wearing fur elements always lacks a sense of atmosphere. Especially when the coat is tired, you need a fashionable and warm plush jacket.

Although most of the runways and street photography are more exaggerated styles,

But the keyword “hairy element” can still be extracted from this winter’s trends

to choose lamb wool pieces that are more suitable for everyday wear.

Checkerboard and check elements have been popular since the first half of the year

, you can still see it on winter pieces.

The Swedish niche brand Stand Studio is a well-known wool single item, and it has been shared with you before, and it has been planted a lot of grass casually.

The large and scattered check pattern is also visually less restrained

, perfect for pairing with slightly thick lamb wool material.

Although the checkerboard pattern is very popular, it is still a solid color model in terms of actual wear, and it is not picky.

The first thing I put on this year was the collaboration between Moose and FIL Xiaobai, with a simple zipper lapel design, which can be controlled by sporty style and workwear style.

Like the domestic original brand Deepmoss also came out with a short lamb wool coat, which is ๐Ÿ‘ the primary color of hair,

The design that turns the lining out of the pocket reduces the feeling of heaviness


The same short-haired model can also look at the Isabel Marant lamb wool vest, the shoulder-padded silhouette can layer a variety of shirts and sweaters, the practicality is too strong.

Especially the jacket also has its tribal ethnic style and denim elements, which is completely different from worrying about the embarrassment of colliding with others.

Stand Studio also has a vest-style lamb wool coat, although it is a modest style, but the winning in the basic fit is more versatile,

And the length of the knee is more like a winter coat

If you feel that the solid color is a bit monotonous, you can choose a color-blocking style, and two simple colors are enough to create a sense of layering.

The soft and sticky lamb wool and sports style are also very compatible, and this year’s hot big lapel design has also rubbed the heat.

The blessing of the lapel design breaks the single boring situation of pullover sweatshirts

When it’s cold, you can layer it with a turtleneck undershirt to create a layered feel!

The long-haired teddy bear coat is also a good hand for creating a soft and cute feeling, which is more eye-catching than the short-haired model.

The texture is online without being too cute,

However, for small children, overly long styles must be protected from lightning

The combination of lamb wool and down jacket is warm to the heart just by looking at it, like Khrisjoy has released a lot of new styles, afraid of cold star people must not miss it.

If you don’t want to put lamb hair on your body, aim for the bag,

Whether held in your hand or on your back, it looks a degree warmer

This year’s momentum is still online, but to avoid the feeling of expansion of large bags, you can start with a small size or mini model.

Jacquemus Le Chiquito is really versatile in all kinds of materials and colors,

After putting on a “lamb wool coat”, I immediately feel that the winter atmosphere is in place

Marc Jacobs plush bag I also bought recently, the hoop wool design is more eye-catching than the short hair, which is very suitable for the sports style that I have been wearing recently.

Teddy hair is soft and better cared for than regular short hair

ใ€‚ Because it is a classic camera bag version, it is still rich โœŒ๏ธ to put things for daily use.

The wide adjustable shoulder straps are just the right length for a small one that complements the autumn and winter look.

BOTTEGA VENETA’s classic Jodie Intrecciato woven bag transforms into a furry look, which instantly warms up a lot (it’s not bad as a hand warmer)

If you want to hold the sense of fashion in autumn and winter, you can also add a bright color system,

After all, the soft and cute plush does not pick the color at all.

If you want to break the mold ๐Ÿ’, you can also check out my newfound treasure brand Cecilie Telle, colorful wool egg bags, all of which are highly saturated.

Its bags are handmade by the designer, and each one comes with a warm Buff

, back out is not afraid of bumping at all.

In addition to small size wool bags, simple and practical large bags are also popular.

The addition of raw edges to Stand Studio makes ordinary tote bags less boring

, and this size is the rhythm to fit in all winter.

In other words, their bags and fur coats are a series, and they are quite suitable for wearing together.

Apede mod also comes out with a lot of fur material styles, and the colors are still eye-catching, satisfying your girly heart at one time.

And the inside of the shoulder strap is a leather design, so it won’t be very hot when I go to Universal Studios in the summer.

Winter plush accessories must be owned, clichรฉd scarves are secondary, and I have been planted a lot by various fur hats this year.

Recently flopped by major bloggers is the fisherman’s hat with a fur texture, which is not at all as versatile as a baseball cap, and the effect of showing a small face is also a must.

It is highly recommended that small children must try light colors (especially white),

Visually it doesn’t weigh down at all.

I also found a domestic original designer brand NOSENSE official, the clothes are colorful, slightly childlike style.

cr: Weibo @NOSENSE-official

Especially the felt potted hat, just looking at the mood is inexplicably good.

Another Korean brand, MISU A BARBE, is a bit of a sneaky style and calls itself “Knit Maker.” Indeed, they are all woven in one and the same.

A variety of woolen fabrics are the staples of MISU A BARBE.

IU also “spoiled” it in the MV for the new single “Strawberry Moon”

Winter is so much needed for such a distinctive knitted hat, and it is also perfect for pairing with vintage sweaters.

Recently, when surfing the Internet, I also found a super cute fur ornament, and the gentle and gentle look is not worried about being obtrusive when worn.

What’s more worth mentioning is that

It itself has a certain thickness and can also save your low skull roof

, simply a treasure-like existence.

Summing up these dozens of wool pieces still feel not enjoyable enough, the sense of winter atmosphere does need these elements to bless, as long as you change a little can bring a completely different feeling.

Talk to me in the comment area, which one did you plant?

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Dry winters can also have a watery skin finish.

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