The almighty little suit is retro and stylish! Autumn to get all the wardrobe matches, without colliding with the high-end sense of shirt

Some time ago, it was still in the temperature of late summer, and it was suddenly cool in these two days, and if I want to say what is an indispensable concave artifact for everyone this fall, I must vote for a blazer! The retro wind is blowing, the blazer as both retro style and a bit of neutral feminine balance, naturally favored by many people, today Kaylin will share with you a set of blazers that are very suitable for autumn!

Blazer + pants

A British dark blue preppy double-breasted blazer with slim jeans and black booties.

Black British-style blazer, emblem embellishment to increase fashion, basic bottom T-shirt inside, handsome and very foreign!

This kind of small leg pants is recommended for girls with slender legs and relatively straight legs!

White items always bring a sense of luxury to the outfit, and the white small suit with black flared cropped pants and sandals with a line of straps looks simple and elegant, which is very suitable for office workers!

The pink gray checked small suit with white slim straight pants has a stronger sense of retro, and white pants are a must-have item for fashionistas, easily enhancing the overall matching texture.

Dark green check suit, retro and fashionable, color matching is also very advanced, with cut design denim small leg pants and boots, more street sense, more avant-garde fashion, large check blazers will be more eye-catching.

Dark blue blazer with letter logo T-shirt and small foot jeans, very suitable for casual wear on the street every day~

Tall girls can choose a combination of blazer and wide-leg mop pants, gray checked blazer with black bottoms or pink T-shirts, high-waisted light blue denim wide-leg pants with canvas shoes, and easily wear 2-meter long legs!

A small white suit with cropped denim leggings and shallow shoes is very suitable for office workers to commute, and there is no lack of fashionable elegance in the formal.

The gray checked suit is paired with a white T and cropped rolled denim straight-leg pants, casual and capable, more suitable for daily outings or student parties.

Dark gray suit with black cropped straight pants, with beige bottom, dark color combination shows the best thinness, autumn and winter are also very suitable, slightly fat people recommend dark colors.

Small suit + skirt

If the combination of small suits and pants is a natural pair, then the matching of skirts can be salt or sweet!

Light beige small suit with white bottom, haze blue skirt, color matching is very small and fresh, this body is very elegant temperament, quite a little woman feeling, work or dating are very good~

Dark brown suit with white shirt and black knitted dress, black canvas shoes, one-shoulder canvas bag with baseball cap, this body is very layered, casual and daily, quite the style of Korean bloggers ~

Khaki small suit with white T-shirt, dark brown short skirt, looks playful and cute, this suit short skirt is recommended for small girls and girls with slender legs, the color matching is very integrated, and the earth color looks eye-catching in autumn and winter.

The light blue dress is paired with a white blazer, and the shoes are also selected in blue, the blue and white color scheme gives people a quiet sense of luxury, and the elegant temperament is full of points, whether it is commuting or daily life is a good reference.

The dark brown checked suit is layered with a long black dress, and the design of the side slit of the skirt adds lightness, this combination is very layered and suitable for the gradual cooling season, and the thinness is also super good!

Khaki mid-length suit with short skirt and small white shoes, seize the time when you can show your legs at the end to play with the lower body disappearing, and the fashion can easily increase a lot!

Black suit with blue shirt, white long skirt and white sneakers, light color on the bottom for more high-end, the center of gravity will be higher, this body comes with a fresh college style to reduce age!

Small suit set

Dressing in a complete set is also a very good idea, girls with excellent leg shape can choose a gray blazer with the same series of straight short skirts, with a letter logo T-shirt to increase some leisure, the overall fashion and casual, college style retro style!

#What to wear today#

Khaki blazer with the same high-waisted wide-leg pants, not a regular suit pants fit, not so formal more casual fashion, and more thin and leg length, the whole set with the whole body is very recommended!

Khaki blazer mid-length style, with the same series pleated skirt and Martin boots or socks with small leather shoes, this combination is also very popular this year, belongs to the girly retro fan wear, pleated skirt and suit mix and match also makes the overall style very distinct~

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