These literary and retro cotton clothes and cotton clothes are loose and casual, wearing an elegant and gentle temperament

Retro style, has been talked about by the fashion circle for so many years, winter clothes full of retro flavor are the first choice of many girls, fashionable and modern and warm and cold, and the common beauty accepted by many eras. Let’s share with you a few literary and retro cotton clothes and cotton clothes, so that you can wear an elegant and tactful temperament in the new year.

Polo collar solid color buttoned fashion mid-length loose lapel cotton garment

Mid-length loose lapel cotton coat, natural literary temperament, loose fit, comfortable to wear. Lapel neckline design, comfortable and beautiful, casual temperament. Diagonal slip pocket design, beautiful and atmospheric, convenient and practical. Split hem design, disc buckle decoration, beautiful atmosphere, slim and thin.

Mid-length long-sleeved suit collar, sweet solid color cotton, cotton clothing fashionable and versatile

Mid-length solid color cotton clothing, fashionable, versatile and casual, elegant and elegant. Delicately cut straight fit, clean and neat, dressed in style, flattering the figure. Temperamental neckline, define the neck line, set off the face. Simple cuffs, windproof comfort, define the arms. Slip pocket for convenience and practicality, pampering small hands. Comfortable hem for a more flirtainous look.

Mid-length long-sleeved buttons, casual slim fit, slim suit collar, sweet solid color cotton

Loose cotton coat with plush lapels and plush trims on the sleeves for warmth and comfort. Lapel neckline design, comfortable and beautiful, casual temperament. Slant pocket design, exquisite craftsmanship, beautiful and practical. Simple and comfortable cuffs, button decoration, beautiful atmosphere, define the arms.

Stylish side opening, hooded long cotton coat, buttoned solid color coat versatile

Long cotton coat with hooded side buttons, loose and artistic, warm and comfortable. Hooded neckline design, comfortable temperament, better define the face shape. Stylish straight pocket design, beautiful and atmospheric, practical.

Long sleeves, cropped zipper, hooded color-block sleeves, striped cotton jacket

Color-block hooded sleeve striped cotton coat, casual fit, decent cut, very thin look. The hooded neckline is decorated with a very casual art, highlighting elegance. Literary and retro, casual temperament, good breathability, warm and skin-friendly. Diagonal slip pocket, bag lid decoration, beautiful temperament, convenient and practical. The simple elasticated hem keeps you warm and comfortable, and makes it more personal.

Buttoned mid-length solid color hooded stylish urban personality casual versatile cotton suit

Mid-length hooded cotton coat, loose and casual, highlighting elegance. Temperamentous hooded neckline that flatters the shape of the face and elevates the curve of the neck. Straight slip pocket, beautiful temperament, convenient and practical. Short front and long back, irregular hem design, side split for more personality.

Cotton clothes, cotton clothing, fashionable tie sleeves, short long sleeves

High-neck tie-sleeved cotton coat, warm and comfortable, decent cut, slim and thin. High neckline for warmth and comfort, flattering the shape of the face and enhancing the curve of the neck. The design of the diagonal slip pocket, zipper decoration, beautiful temperament, convenient and practical. Simple hem design, warm and comfortable, more personal. Literary and artistic comfort, good breathability, personality and skin-friendly, full of comfortable wearing.

Cotton coat, cotton suit, high neck zipper, long sleeves, short fashion embroidery

High-neck embroidered cotton coat, windproof high neck, zippered placket, exquisite embroidery, literary taste, comfortable and breathable and warm. Warm and comfortable neckline, comfortable temperament, make you more feminine. Comfortable cuff design, define the arm line, beautiful and atmospheric. The stylish large straight pocket is not only beautiful, but also practical.

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