Jun Ji Hyun is really beautiful, wearing a fur collar coat is very expensive, and 38 years old does not show old at all

Jun Ji-hyun, 38 years old this year, is still girly, full of collagen and very age-reducing. She is very strict with herself, and compared with her peers, she not only maintains her face very well, but also controls her body well. Let’s take a look at what are the dressing skills of the goddess!

This white fur-collared coat sets off Jun Ji-hyun’s temperament very cleanly, although the style of the clothes is simple, but it is more gentle. This white fur-collared coat with a dark underwear adds a more mature look; Wear it with light colours and a fairy underneath.

The shape of the coat is a waist design, which can highlight a good figure in the bloated season, and this coat is everyday, not picky, more suitable for girls with pear-shaped figures, and the height requirements are not very high. Because Jun Ji-hyun’s height is one meter seventy-four, wearing this coat looks very atmospheric, and small girls wear this coat, even if the hem reaches the ankle, it looks very suitable and warmer.

The white coat is not resistant to dirt, you can change to a black coat, but because the shape of the clothes is too long, it will make people look a little dull, you can choose the coat with some pattern decoration style, more vitality. The black coat is very thin, and it works better with dark underwear.

This black dress worn by Jun Ji Hyun sets off her very elegant and intellectual, and the skirt is very thin, but because the hem of the skirt is too long, it is suitable for tall girls. Shoes as high as possible can help control the outfit. Short black dresses are recommended not to try, neither as atmospheric nor fashionable as this long black dress.

These high-heeled boots add texture to the overall outfit, and small girls wear these boots very well, not only do they look taller, but they are very good with long skirts or pencil pants. Because Jun Ji-hyun’s outfit is elegant and atmospheric, the boots are very monotonous. When pairing with pencil pants, you can choose boots with accessories to make it more trendy.

Although Jun Ji-hyun is 38 years old this year, she is still in very good condition, her face is firm without blemishes, and her complexion is also very good. And she is also very strict about her figure. At this event, Jun Ji Hyun’s makeup is very elegant, and it is just right to match her outfit. But her lipstick number is not suitable for girls with dull skin tones, and will look very colorless. The earrings she wore not only accentuated her more delicately, but also defined her face.

Jun Ji-hyun wears a white T-shirt with ripped denim pencil pants, which is simple but stylish. This outfit is great for slender girls. Because the shape of the pants is pencil pants, girls with ugly legs or slightly fat try it cautiously, and switching to straight ripped jeans also works well. A black blazer with a white T-shirt under it will not feel dull, and it is recommended not to wear it with a black T-shirt. In addition to the black blazer, the most popular is the milky white blazer, this coat is more gentle, wearing a light color underwear is more fairy. Jun Ji-hyun’s heels add a stylish touch to the overall outfit and also set her off very delicately. This outfit is even more trendy with Martin boots. This red polka-dot tie makes the whole outfit look even more appealing.

The shape and style of this dark blue coat are not very good, and Jun Ji Hyun is very tall, so he can handle this long coat well. The button design of the coat outlines Jun Ji-hyun’s good figure, and also visually lengthens her waist proportions. The white slip dress she wears underneath adds vitality to the overall outfit and sets her off very atmosphericly. Matching high heels add texture to the overall outfit, or you can wear them with high heels to make them more powerful. The ear chains worn by Jun Ji-hyun set her off very delicately and can also make her face look smaller.

Although the white shirt and black micro-flared pants are simple in color, they are still stylish. This outfit is very daily and not picky, which is very friendly for girls with thick calves. Jun Ji Hyun’s white T-shirt can be layered with a knitted vest in addition to being worn as an underwear. The lower body of these micro-flared pants is very versatile, and it works well with shirts, sweatshirts, and T-shirts. Shoes can be worn with sandals for a refreshing look, or with small white shoes for a more vibrant look. Jun Ji-hyun’s gray knitted cardigan sets off her elegance, and this color is suitable for most girls, with a dark T-shirt underneath for a more mature and stable underneath, and a white T-shirt underneath for a vibrant look. In addition to gray knitted cardigans, there are also many colors of knitted cardigans, and the more popular is the cream white knitted cardigan for a more gentle temperament.

This black tweed coat not only sets off Jun Ji-hyun very elegantly, but also reflects the delicate sense that girls should have, which is more suitable for tall girls. The belt of the coat not only highlights the good figure, but also shows the girly atmosphere. The design of the large metal buttons adds a sense of sophistication, and Jun Ji-hyun wears a white turtleneck T-shirt for added vitality. It also works well with a sweater and keeps you warm. The lower body is comfortable and stylish with black leg pants, and the pencil pants are even more simple and neat. Shoes are recommended with high heels or Martin boots to better handle this coat. Do you like the goddess Fan full of Jun Ji Hyun?