Recognize this sign Hangzhou’s urban beautician has a new “home” since then

“We open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., during which time it is open to sanitation workers around the clock.” Ms. Gong said that not only sanitation workers, but also traffic police, couriers and construction workers can safely walk in and rest as long as they see a poster with “Love and Convenience Service Station” posted in front of the store.

Sanitation workers at the Love Convenience Service Station

Zhejiang Online on August 4 (Zhejiang Online Reporter/Yu Fei Zhang Di Chief Editor/Zhao Jie)

Orange polyester cotton overalls, a cap, standing in a 33-degree three-volt day, the day of the urban sanitation worker Sister Chen began.

As August progressed, her work environment became harsher. Sister Chen told Zhejiang Online that at six o’clock in the morning, she came to Lilac Road and began to clean the streets. “After entering the summer, the sanitation center specially adjusted our schedule. At noon, when it was hottest, we could rest. ”

Status: Ultra-long version of three-volt days, rest can only be on the side of the road

According to Sister Chen, 50 years old this year, who has been working as a sanitation worker for more than 6 years, usually works 8 hours, starting at 6 a.m. and working until 6 p.m., with a break at noon. “The income in this line is not high, and it is necessary to get up early and be greedy, and young people are not willing to do it, so the workers are basically forty or fifty years old, and when the weather is hot, it is a little difficult to work.”

Orange overalls made of polyester cotton, a hat that shades the sun, although the equipment on Sister Chen’s body is sunscreen, it is also stuffy and unbearable, especially in this year’s 40-day ultra-long version of the three-volt day, working in the sun, less than a minute of sweat immediately soaked through the back of the clothes.

“In recent years, our sanitation working environment has improved, such as clothing divided into winter clothing, summer clothing, such as working hours will be adjusted with the temperature, and the care from the government and society has made our working environment much better.” Sister Chen said that especially in summer, many shops along the street will provide us with places to drink and rest.

“In the past, when we were tired, we would find a big tree on the side of the road to rest, but now more and more ‘Love and Convenience Service Points’ provide us with services, making us feel at home.”

Recognizing this sign, the frontline staff in Hangzhou can rest assured.

Love: Recognize this symbol and have a new “home” since then

“Sanitation workers are the beautician of the city, and their labor should be respected.” Ms. Gong, head of the Pastoral Life and Nutrition Club on Huilanya Road in Dingqiao Town, said that in response to Herbalife (China) Health Products Co., Ltd.’s initiative, more than 200 service outlets in Hangzhou have opened “love stations” to sanitation workers, and the clubs have also joined.

The reporter saw that in this more than ten square meters of clubhouse, all kinds of daily necessities are available, in addition to fruits, drinks and so on.

Sister Chen, who was resting in the clubhouse, was chatting with her companions. “It does provide convenience for us, we used to sit on the side of the road when we were tired, but now we have the ‘Love Station’, which feels like home.”

Ms. Gong told Zhejiang Online that it is their social responsibility to give love, help and support to sanitation workers.

“We open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., during which time it is open to sanitation workers around the clock, who can come in and blow air conditioners, wash their faces, warm up meals, go to the bathroom, and we do everything we can.” Ms. Gong said that not only sanitation workers, but also traffic police, couriers, construction workers, etc. are fighting on the front line, and in the future, as long as you see a poster with “Love and Convenience Service Station” at the entrance of the store, you can walk in with confidence.

Because – all the “love stations” in Hangzhou welcome you!

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