Photographer Money Saving Set Three categories of domestic photography accessories conscientious recommendation

Now there are many photography players, and there are many users who promote photographers, but not every photographer has a rich family base and can buy expensive photography accessories, and the best choice at this time is domestic brands. Domestic brand photography accessories have been greatly improved in recent years, compared with foreign well-known accessories brands, quality and design are not lost, and the price close to the people is a huge advantage. Today, we bring photographers the recommendation of tripods, bags, filters, these three major photography accessories, cheap price and excellent quality, see if you are satisfied.

1. Tripod

Tripod is the first major accessory for photography, many shooting techniques need to use a tripod, such as long exposure shooting, part of studio shooting, part of commercial shooting, etc., the most common is to shoot traffic at night, shoot the starry sky galaxy.

There are actually a lot of places to pay attention to when choosing a tripod, such as the material of the tripod, the self-weight of the tripod, the load-bearing capacity of the tripod, the anti-vibration and wind resistance of the tripod, the structural design of the tripod, etc., of course, some photographers will also care about whether the tripod has some special designs, such as hooks, brackets and the like.

Today we recommend PGYTECH (Dandelion Intelligent Technology), Sirui two current tripod very good domestic brands, many photographers are very familiar with these two brands, and their achievements are also obvious to all.

1. PGYTECH Mantis Tripod

PGYTECH Mantis Tripod

PGYTECH Mantis Tripod breaks through the structural mode of traditional tripods, providing 8 different shooting modes with one tripod, and creating a new Mantis mode, bringing users more and more convenient all-angle shooting experience. The PGYTECH Mantis Tripod is divided into two versions: Mantis Tripod and Mantis Tripod PRO Version, and the PRO version has a total of 8 shooting modes: handheld shooting, carrying pot shooting, low tripod, high tripod, extended mode, mobile phone photography, mantis mode, vertical shooting mode.

PGYTECH Mantis Tripod first meets the user’s lightweight carrying and use needs, so for users who are obsessed with lightweight tripods, PGYTECH Mantis Tripod not only meets the needs of users, but also has rich functionality and scalability, killing three birds with one stone. Overall, the PGYTECH Mantis Tripod is suitable for VLOG bloggers, Douyin users, Xiaohongshu users, Toutiao users, B exhibition video UP owners and other video users.

2. Spiri ST-124 tripod

Spire ST-124 tripod

The ST-124 has a maximum load of 12kg, which is enough to cope with the combination of various full-frame mirrorless cameras and telephoto lenses, while the 1.2kg dead weight does not bring too much burden to the user. In terms of materials and workmanship, whether it is a 26.5mm 8-layer carbon fiber leg or CNC process aluminum alloy parts, the ST-124 has high-quality performance, giving people a solid and durable feeling. In terms of adjustment, storage and use, you can feel the original intention of Sirui to make products with heart.

The maximum working height of the ST-124 is 1580mm, the minimum working height is 375mm, and the leg supports three-level angle adjustment, whether it is landscape photography or macro shooting, the ST-124 will provide users with the most suitable working height. The ST-124’s leg adjustment button supports the rebound function, which is very convenient to automatically lock after adjustment. For photographers, this tripod is definitely enough, so consider checking it out.

2. Photography bag

Photography bags should be a very important accessory for photographers. Whether it is our daily street sweeping shooting or long-distance shooting, the camera bag plays a vital role in the carrying and protection of cameras, lenses and other equipment. The difference between a photography bag and an ordinary backpack is that the photographic bag can protect the photographic equipment through reasonable space separation and sufficient buffer protection layer, while not allowing the equipment to squeeze and collide with each other.

What to focus on when choosing a bag may be different for every photographer. The author himself focuses on these aspects: the weight of the photography bag, the protective ability of the photographic bag, the structural characteristics of the photographic bag, the fast capture ability of the photographic bag, the appearance of the photographic bag, etc.

Today, I recommend two brands to you, one is the domestic cutting-edge – PGYTECH (Dandelion Intelligent Technology), their photography bag is currently a big Internet celebrity on the market; The other is the old domestic brand – Bainuo, they have been working diligently and have a good performance in the market.

1. PGYTECHOneGo photography bag

PGYTECHOneGo photography bag

PGYTECHOneGo is different from most photography bags on the market because it is beautiful enough and won the Red Dot Award 2021 in Germany. The author himself saw PGYTECHOneGo at first glance and was attracted by its appearance. PGYTECH OneGo adopts a waterproof and wear-resistant exterior fabric design, scratch-proof, waterproof and stain-resistant, so we carry it outdoors without worrying about backpacks.

PGYTECH OneGo is designed with quick access on both sides, and you only need to open the zipper to quickly take out the equipment inside, which is very convenient. The interior of PGYTECH OneGo adopts the ModulePro plug-in partition system, and we can dynamically adjust the internal space structure of PGYTECH OneGo according to the size of the storage equipment. PGYTECH OneGo also has many surprises and intimate small designs, after getting it, the author’s feeling is that it is worth the money, and the Internet celebrity photography bag is really not ordinary.

2. Beyond LN photography bag

Bainuo is also a domestic brand that has been cultivating photography bags for many years, and it has many photography bag series. In recent years, the Beyond series of photography bags has also become the choice of many photographers.

Beyond LN photography bag

Designed for professional photographers, the Beyond backpack collection is sized to accommodate cameras, lenses and accessories. Due to the special needs of professionals, camera bags provide a safe carrying solution to protect the expensive and vulnerable equipment they carry. The bag’s ergonomic carrying system allows comfortable and safe long journeys even while carrying the equipment. Side opening for quick access to the camera.

3. Lens filter

Filters, which may seem like a very small accessory, can make a big difference, especially in landscape photography. Filters are necessary in many scenarios, such as ND filters and CPL filters on the street and outdoors. In recent years, the development of domestic filter brands is getting better and better, and the manufacturing process and technical level are constantly improving rapidly, so the price of relatively close to the people of domestic filters has ushered in more opportunities, we can see many domestic filter brands in many international image exhibitions.

The filter brands introduced to you today are two, Nesi and Kase, I believe that it is also a familiar brand for many photographers and photography enthusiasts. The products introduced are mainly ND filters and CPL filters.

1. ND filter

ND filter

ND filter, also known as a light remover, has the same effect as if we wear sunglasses, it can reduce the entry of some light, so that the whole picture becomes dark. ND filters also have levels, if transparent glass is seen as ND1, then ND2 reduces exposure by 1 stop, ND4 by 2 stops, ND8 by 3 stops, ND16 by 4 stops, ND32 by 5 stops, and so on.

The dimmer is very suitable for shooting water flow, or using long exposure to filter people during the day, or taking photos of total solar eclipses and so on, but the dimmer should not be superimposed when used, or it is not good to superimpose with the polarizer, etc., because the mattifier is easy to cause color casting, and if the color shift of the picture is superimposed and used, the degree of color shift will be more serious.

2. CPL filter

CPL filter

Polarizer is also called PL mirror, and our common CPL is polarizer (translated as circular polarizer). The polarizer works by accepting light in only one direction and removing the reflected light. When we shoot, the most intuitive feeling is that the sky is bluer, and when shooting objects in the glass, they will not be affected by reflections.

The polarization filter also has a problem in use, because it only accepts light in a single direction, so pay attention to the angle of shooting, and when using it, the user needs to rotate the filter sheet to find the right angle. In addition, when using polarizers, it is generally necessary to reduce the exposure by two stops, so the brightness of the viewfinder and the speed of the shutter will be reduced.

In fact, there are many accessories for photography, but space is limited, we have selected three types of the most common and most frequently used accessories to recommend to everyone. The product quality of domestic accessories brands has improved significantly in recent years, and it has not been lost to international big brands at all, so photography enthusiasts and photographers can give priority to our own brands when choosing accessories, and the price can also save a lot.


PGYTECH Mantis Tripod

PGYTECH Mantis Tripod

Spire ST-124 tripod

Spire ST-124 tripod

PGYTECHOneGo photography bag

PGYTECHOneGo photography bag

Beyond LN photography bag