This winter, a coat called “pie overcomes” is cheaper than a down jacket and warmer than an overcoat

It’s winter again, have you prepared your warm clothes? Speaking of warmth, down jackets are undoubtedly the king of them, light and flowing, high down content, wear wind and warmth, but down jackets are generally more expensive, want cheap and warm women, you can try this winter’s particularly hot pie, and down jackets are cheaper, warmer than coats, very fashionable to wear!

Compared with other winter coats, pie overcomes good looking, warm at the same time without being bloated, and the fit is versatile, but if you want to wear high-class atmosphere, you still have to pay attention to the dressing method, today Xiaobian will take you to see how to wear pie to overcome how to wear well!

Pie overcomes the advantages of dressing to explain

Material Highlights:

The biggest reason for the high appearance of pie and not bloated is the material, the inner layer is added otter rabbit hair, the plush density is small, soft and comfortable, with excellent warmth, and at the same time not as fluffy as cotton, it will not look fat when worn. The outermost material is a waterproof and windproof material, and the two materials work together to greatly improve the warmth.

Style advantages:

The fit is looser, mostly straight, very friendly to bloated people, and can hide the fat on the waist and abdomen. The overall style is more similar to the cargo uniform, with a bit of neutral feeling, with two large cargo pockets in front, fashionable and foreign. In addition, the hooded pie is more youthful, wrapped in a large fur collar and lined with a smaller face. Especially the white fur collar, lively and cute, is also warm to wear.

Pie overcomes the selection method summary

Choosing a style is the first step in dressing and is very important. Especially in autumn and winter, pay special attention. It seems that the same pie overcomes, different colors, different sizes, the effect of wearing on the body will be very different, so everyone must choose the right style, you can start from the following two points:

Take a look at the fit

Fat upper body and thin legs:

The preferred short style is overcome, at the left and right of the waist, the loose fit covers the thicker parts, and the lower body exposes slender legs, which can maximize the advantages of the figure and make people taller and slender. Women with wide hips can choose the length that covers the hips, promote the length and avoid the weaknesses, and show the advantages of the figure.

Broad shoulders, thick thighs:

The mid-length and belted pie is most suitable, covering the legs with a long hem to hide the shortcomings of the figure and increase warmth. So why wear a belt? Tying up the belt to highlight the thin waist and form an X with the shoulder position and hem can visually reduce the width of the shoulders.

Second, look at the color

Pie overcomes the outer material is relatively smooth, some glossy, even if the color is darker, it will not look old when worn, such as indigo, olive green, jujube red, retro and high-grade, look at it! But when matching, pay attention to the combination of dark and light, blindly wearing dark colors, will increase the weight of the body, giving people a dull and heavy feeling.

In addition, black, white, and gray are more classic colors, and you can’t go wrong with choosing these colors. If you want to be more fashionable, you can try the more popular khaki, camel color, light tone, giving people a gentle and intellectual feeling, autumn and winter wear especially white, you can match blue jeans and black skirts.

Pie overcomes matching tips

Tips1: Wide top and narrow bottom

Winter wear to overcome the pie, the lower body must be tighter, in contrast to the loose pie, so that the wear will appear tall and thin. For example, the lower body is paired with a pair of straight-leg jeans, the straight lines are very smooth, and the slimmer style outlines the leg line, making people slimmer.


The mid-length style overcomes elegance and temperament, with a pair of slim jeans on the lower body, a slightly looser waistband, and tightened legs, which is more suitable for women with wide hips and can perfectly modify the leg shape. In addition to the elastic combination of pants and pie, you also need to pay attention to the inner layer, as the sweater and shirt preferred to slim down, compared with the jacket, so as to avoid fluffiness and bloat, secondly, the material should be softer, close to the body will be more comfortable.

Little black pants are definitely the most versatile pair of pants, used to match and overcome just right. Tight small leg pants, modify the legs, appear straight and slender, the fabric with a little stretch will be better, and there will be no tightness and restraint when worn. The upper body is paired with a brightly colored pie to instantly create the focus of the crowd. Note: If you choose dark colors for your pants, it is recommended to wear a light and bright pie, which looks better when worn in light and dark! But the choice of color takes care of the skin color, and you can’t wear it indiscriminately!

Tips2: “Bare ankle”

In addition to keeping warm, winter clothing should also be brisk. The pie is lighter and thinner, which can reduce the weight of the whole body, but the combination of the lower body is also crucial. Whether you wear it with pants or a skirt, “bare your ankles”. The bare ankles here don’t really show their ankles like in summer, and they aren’t warm enough! Roll up the legs to reveal the socks or leggings underneath and highlight the slender ankles, which will help keep the upper light. If you wear it with a skirt, it is simpler, choose the length near the calf, do not wear an anxile skirt, dragging is very pressing.

Pie overcomes + skirt, sweet age-reduction, looks very youthful. The skirt is probably below the knee and above the ankle, small and tall are held, with a pair of low-top shoes, the calves and ankles are exposed, not only can you raise the height, but also show the leg length, women who are afraid of cold can wear a pair of plush stockings, full of retro feeling, and increase the temperature of the legs.

Tips3: Match the same color with high-class dignitaries

From the point of view of materials and fabrics, pie comes with noble elements, whether it is otter rabbit hair inside, or real fur collar, it is very ladylike, so pay special attention to texture when matching, cashmere sweaters, woolen pants are good matching items, but pay attention to color matching. The tonal pie is overcome with pants, which is more high-end and atmospheric, such as a gentle apricot color, which has a very small woman feeling. In addition, oatmeal, camel and other pies can be used to match the same color, which can be full of high-grade and very white, so you must try it.

Points: The same color matching pays the most attention to the level, in the matching should pay attention to the combination of dark and light, elastic combination, the best choice of darker tones inside, the inner dark and the outer light is the thinnest! If it is a fat woman, it is better to choose a dark color with the same color, and use the thin attribute of dark color to reduce lateral bloat.

Cold wind, the weather is really getting colder recently, everyone must pay attention to keep warm, women who have not passed through the pie can start a try, definitely will not regret!