Kuotai Ganwei posted a recent photo of her 6-year-old daughter, wearing Han clothes to sell cute in the mirror, and her father Jia Yueting inherited her facial features

As an actor, Gan Wei did not have much fame in the early days because she did not have any impressive works, and only after marrying Jia Yueting did her fame increase greatly because of her status as a wealthy wife. Although Jia Yueting later went bankrupt and she became a single mother raising three children, the public’s attention to her has not diminished at all.

On July 2, 37-year-old Kuota Ganwei rarely posted a video of her 6-year-old daughter on social platforms, and a delicately dressed little girl swinging her little head to the rhythm of music in the picture, full of cuteness.

The pink and white color-block bust-length skirt she wore set off the characteristic beauty of the little girl.

The red embroidery style on the chest can enrich the layering of color, so that the shape does not look too monotonous.

In addition, she also holds a kitten fan of the same color to echo the shape, so that the color matching looks very harmonious.

The classical bun corresponding to Hanfu shows all the delicate facial features of Ganwei’s daughter.

It is not difficult to see that the little girl has inherited the excellent genes of her parents, with big eyes, a high nose and a pointed chin, although her face is fleshy, it is difficult to hide her good appearance.

Facing the camera, the little girl also behaved generously, holding a fan in her hand and selling cute to the camera, quite a little star. After all, my mother has also been in the entertainment industry, maybe such a good sense of camera is taught by Gan Wei.

Netizens also praised the child’s appearance after seeing it, praising Gan Wei’s daughter for absorbing the advantages of her parents, and some people bluntly said that the little girl looked like her father Jia Yueting.

Gan Wei was once known as the “Four Beauty of the Capital” together with Han Xue, Bai Bing, and Jing Tian, and its background was also talked about.

At that time, although she did not mix in the entertainment industry for a long time, there were many sisters, and in the famous “Teddy Sisters”, Gan Wei was the Bai Fumei who occupied the C position.

When she was young, she was young and beautiful,

However, over the years, her appearance has been more like an Internet celebrity, with an awl face, big eyes, and the beauty filter modification is far less recognizable than when she was young.

As for the appearance of her three children, Gan Wei did not deliberately hide it, and she can be seen on social platforms that she often posts children’s performance activities. According to her, she relies on her children to earn money to support her family, and her words show financial hardship.

The twin daughters wearing a light blue puff-sleeved princess dress with white small leather shoes have obvious differences in appearance, and the eldest daughter looks very similar to her father Jia Yueting, especially her eyes are the same as her father. The second daughter, who is slightly shorter in height, has more facial features like her mother, and her facial features are relatively outstanding; The younger brother with baby fat has a cute watermelon head, wears a shirt and tie, and the gentleman’s dress contrasts with the cute expression.

The controversy about Gan Wei herself also stems from her contradictory economic situation, and she often reveals that her quality of life is not high.

In terms of dressing, she also said that she didn’t have much money to buy new clothes, and a yellow balloon sleeve dress before she also said that she bought it for more than two hundred at a discount.

But in her own video, the cartoon short-sleeved top she is wearing is the latest Doraemon joint model launched by GUCCI, with an official price of 10,700 yuan, which is not cheap for her, but very high-profile.

In May, a pair of simple sneakers worn by Gan Wei and her three children to attend the event was also picked up as a joint model of a well-known brand, and the price on the official website was more than 2,000.

On the one hand, he hints at his economic distress, but on the other hand, he still lives a rich life, which is confusing and difficult for many netizens to understand.

And what her current situation is, it is indeed not easy to judge too much.

This time, he posted a recent photo of his daughter, and replied to netizens saying that “I will be filming in Hengdian next month”, I don’t know if I will return to the road of the entertainment industry? If Gan Wei debuts with her daughter, will everyone support her?


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Author: Wang Zai

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