Xie Na stayed up late to sew up the pretty and jumping teddy bear, and was praised by netizens for her ingenuity after seeing the stitches

Xie Na, who jumped off on the stage, actually stayed up late to sew teddy bears, and the change after becoming a mother was really big, and the radiance of motherhood could be seen everywhere.

On the 25th, Xie Na shared the dynamic: I didn’t expect that the little bear jumping and jumping beauty I did when I was pregnant really liked to play, and I washed the line. Last night I sewed the bear’s eyes tighter overnight, and then I sewed the place where the thread was washed [heart] [heart].

Xie Na’s style belongs to the naughty, big grin and more authentic kind, but since the beautiful jump, the life Xie Na shares can always be unexpected. This kind of sewing and mending is very testing of mental dexterity, and as a result, Xie Na can still handle it easily, and after sewing and repairing, Little Bear looks very resistant to her daughter’s ravage. It’s just that the thread is a little skewed, and it looks like the bear is fat and wearing clothes that don’t fit.

In fact, before Xie Na was idle at home to raise a baby, she was obsessed with needlework and sewn several dolls by hand stitch by stitch, which was very cute and pleasant. Although the stitches still look a little rusty, it can be seen that these dolls are full of love and warmth, which has attracted netizens to praise.

In fact, celebrities doing craftsmanship has long been nothing new. Find a random “big guy” in the handicraft industry, frequently receive work orders, Xu Jinglei loves fabrics, Gao Yuanyuan’s handiwork is even different for girls, she focuses on woodworking, and Chen Daoming, who can both knead dough and leather art… All of them are artisans. Wouldn’t you dare to say that you are a star in a manual job, how? Isn’t it all powerful.