Peak “Moe Tiger” Flash 3 just hit the shelves! Handsome and cute

Recently, CNY sneakers have appeared one after another, especially domestic brands, and these New Year colors bring a pure Chinese charm, which is particularly worthy of attention.

Peak Flash 3

Recently launched the Year of the Tiger theme

“Moe Tiger” color scheme

, which is now available on sale.

The shoe is presented in the tiger’s signature black and yellow color, and the upper pattern also reproduces the tiger pattern.

The hot melt part of the upper has a black and yellow folded line pattern, and there are details such as tiger’s eye.

Make this shoe look like a cartoon-style tiger head, handsome and cute.

In terms of details, the upper fabric part adopts a different three-dimensional texture than before, showing a stronger texture.

The tongue also has the “Year of the tiger” font, and there is a “Yin” print on the heel to point to the theme of the Year of the Tiger.

In terms of shoe technology, the midsole is a dual density of lightweight extreme technology + super magic bullet technology, bringing a soft and moderate foot feel.

With carbon plate + TPU heel stable configuration, it brings sufficient stability.

The Polar Flash 3 also adjusts to the last for a tighter wrapping feel than ever before.

It is now on sale in the official flagship store of Peak, the sale price is ¥699 yuan, and the price is only now

599 CNY

, friends who like it can start.

Peak Flash 3 Moe Tiger

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