DressingWhat, you still don’t know Hollywood pants?

As for men’s pants, it seems that you can count them on one hand, such as business trousers, casual jeans, and tough and trendy cargo pants.

For these people’s hand-held pants, if you want to be different, this is a test of matching skills. But the imitation of the style is extremely fast, and the play and match will make you stop for a while. So obviously, just having the pants that these people have in their hands is not enough for a fashionable hipster man.

In the face of today’s retro trend, many classic styles of clothing have been re-mentioned, just like the pleated trousers that have been popular in previous years, and now there is a trend of being replaced by pleated pants, and the detailed feature of pleats, which has been silent for many years, is also being regained little by little.

For pants, the details of the waist have always been an important position for people to play with different tastes, today we will learn about the next foreign pants that have been popular and are still relatively silent in China – Hollywood Top trousers.

Hollywood Top trousers, as a product of the golden age of men’s clothing in the 40~50s of the last century, originated from black jazz culture pants. Inspired by the style of the 2030s, Hollywood Top trousers features a high-waisted design that fits securely on the body in combination with a loose trouser tube.

At the same time, Hollywood Top trousers are also typical of pleated pants. Both the waist and the trouser tube are equipped with deep pleats, especially the waist folds, which make the body fit better with the pants.

Hollywood Top trousers have a wide waistband, attach the lining of the waist directly to the inside of the trousers, and eliminate the belt of traditional trousers, making the whole trousers lighter and softer and more comfortable waist.

In addition, Hollywood Top trousers generally use heavier fabrics, which not only make them have good drape, which ensures that Hollywood Top trousers can stand vertically whether they are lying down, while fabrics using high-knit weaving processes also ensure the compactness of the fabric, so that the crease presents an elegant visual effect.

Although Hollywood Top trousers is positioned as trousers, the soft structure and soft waist stretch design make it more casual in collocation, no longer limited to formal wear. The pleated design brings a touch of casualness, and some people also jokingly call Hollywood Top trousers the “sweatpants” of the trousers industry.

Because Hollywood Top trousers have a high-waisted design, it is perfect for wearing with belts or straps. In terms of matching, the belt generally no longer uses our usual wide version of the belt, often using a thin version of the belt, as well as a fabric belt or even a thin hemp rope to decorate and fix.

As mentioned above, Hollywood Top trousers are generally made of heavy fabrics, especially heavy wool fabrics with elasticity, which ensure comfort and the elegance of pants, and the gentleman’s image created by the blazer is more distinctive than the traditional formal dress, perfectly showing personal taste.

Although heavy fabrics complement the folds, in the summer, it is inevitable that if you still use heavy high-twist wool, it will be a little stuffy.

For a comfortable wearing experience, summer pants have always been breathable, so more often we use thinner fabrics. But low-pound fabrics are bound to affect the wrinkle resistance of Hollywood Top trousers.

Therefore, when wearing Hollywood Top trousers in summer, you should try to choose soft wool-twill fabric or linen, linen is breathable and sweat-absorbent, and it is naturally cool compared to pure wool.

In terms of tone, you can also choose a soft neutral tone, which immediately looks refreshing compared to the original hot weather.

Previously, viewers would always comment in the background “Is there a recommended brand”, so finally talk about the brand recommendation of Hollywood Top trousers.

Since Hollywood Top trousers belongs to the trouser category, it is of course the most exclusive customization in terms of wear. For Hollywood Top trousers, most brands also use custom solutions, similar to Ariston Napoli.

But if you really want a good Hollywood Top trousers, you have to find haute couture stores such as Edward Sexton and ISAIA to experience it for yourself.

Although Hollywood Top trousers have become a regular visitor to street auctions during fashion weeks in recent seasons, the popularity rate in China is still low, so it is undoubtedly a good choice for men who walk at the forefront of the trend.

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