The time-honored Quanjude is too good at playing, and the traditional dishes and cultural and creative dishes and desserts are beautifully arranged, beautiful and delicious

He has lived in Beijing for more than 20 years, and often has friends from his hometown come to run errands, travel and visit. Every time someone brings them, the first Beijing food they check in must be roast duck. The golden signboard of Beijing roast duck is the time-honored Quanjude.

Two days ago, I heard that Quanjude opened a new store in Chaoyang Jiayi Plaza, the style is very different from the old store I went to before, and the new store is newly decorated to highlight the simple and fashionable style. The opening coincides with the “Everything Moves” Cultural and Creative Festival, there are good food, drink and fun, time-honored brands and new styles, Quanjude is also too good at playing. I’ll have to find out first. When relatives and friends come to Beijing and invite them to eat roast duck, I have more confidence in my heart.

Entering the door and bypassing the front desk, is the cultural and creative exhibition area, there is a cultural and creative display case on the right, which is full of all kinds of cute plush cute things, cultural and creative tea, mugs, canvas bags, badges, refrigerator stickers and other cultural and creative items, super cute, let me this old aunt also love it. After the meal, I chose a Steller’s duck doll and mug to take home. On the left is the transparent roast duck operation room, the whole operation of selecting duck, numbering raw duck, inscription, and roasting in the oven can be seen, giving diners a super good sense of participation experience.

Further inside, it is divided into two areas. The overall decoration style is based on Chinese red and wood color, and the napkin box and kettle on the table are all harmonious and pure red, showing the simple and simple, calm and simple and fashionable style everywhere. In one fell swoop, it breaks the time-honored brand and gives people a sense of old-fashionedness.

In addition to the traditional signature dishes, the dishes are not only exquisite: classic roast duck with fruit wood, mustard duck palm, saltwater duck liver, and flared duck heart. New cultural and creative dishes, such as fish fragrant longan shrimp balls, jade ear chicken fir black truffle with milk melon, chestnut duck liver, etc., as well as duck splashing, sashimi snowflake beef, mango yam, black truffle, gold powder white jade and other desserts. Whether it is the production of the dish, the shape of the plate, and the taste are all creative, making people shine, and the presentation is exquisite and delicious.

A must-order traditional dish

Peony roast duck

, the traditional dishes are newly plated, and the duck meat is as fragrant as ever. The master of the sliced duck is skillful, and a roast duck is divided into 108 pieces, one plate into a graceful and rich peony, and the other in a wavy shape. Classic toppings include shallots, cucumber strips, hawthorn strips, sweet batter, sugar, and wraps.

Mustard duck palm

: New shape of traditional dishes, the whole plate is misty and full of fairy air. The duck palms are soft and tough, and the mustard flavor is refreshing and refreshing.

The recommended cultural and creative dishes are

Whole Scorpion Sesame Duck Square

: The duck is soft and crispy, and the outer layer is wrapped in sesame seeds for a strong aroma. The innovative plating is full of historical and cultural charm, with golden duck squares arranged at one end of the black stone slab, a few crispy scorpions crawling scattered in the white space, and scattered bean flour like a desert, the whole shape is like an ancient battlefield.

Flocks of ducks playing in the water

: This is a dessert, 6 ducks are made of red bean paste, pea yellow, almond tofu into 3 pairs of red, yellow and white, the duck shape is realistic, half hidden and half now rising mist, a spring river water heating duck prophet.

Sashimi snowflake cattle

: At first glance, it looks like fresh beef. In fact, it is a dessert without sweetness, cool and delicate.

Finally, don’t forget to ask for a pot

Cultural and creative tea

, the tea soup is clear, and the rich jujube aroma of Pu’er tea is combined with a faint aroma of tangerine peel, accompanied by roast duck, which is very satisfying.

Address: Chaoyang District Shunyuan Street No. 3 Courtyard 10 Building Jiayi Plaza fourth floor


Subway: Line 10 Liangmaqiao Station A northwest exit, walk 480 meters

Self-driving navigation “Quanju Dejia Yi Store”, there is a parking lot at the door, and there are enough parking spaces.