French Guerlain Shui Yu Eau de Toilette Collection Play with nature and play with fragrance

French Guerlain Shui Yu Eau de Toilette Collection

Play with nature and play with fragrance

French Guerlan Aqua Eau de Toilette (The Wizard of Fangye) 75ml/RMB800

French Guerlan Shui Yu Eau de Toilette (Honey Warm Sun) 75ml/RMB800

Available in May 2021

Two new eau de toilette

Depicts the joy and freshness of spring

Poetic, surprising and sensual. Since 1999, the Flower and Herb Shui Yu series of eau de toilette has been constantly exploring new aromatic worlds, leaving a fragrance footprint intertwined with freshness and fantasy in the realistic floral fragrance and endless imagination.

The expanse of nature and the limitless creative possibilities have inspired Guerlain’s chief perfumer Thierry Wasser and Guerlain’s perfumer Delphine Jelk. On a journey away from the hustle and bustle, they use their hands and hearts to push the limits of creativity. From distant exotic notes to the legendary country wildflowers of perfumery, many raw materials are intertwined in the hands of two perfumers to create a unique and modern legendary fragrance.

A breath of freshness comes to the face, starting a long journey of imagination and senses.

“A garden in a bottle, it doesn’t have to be real. The imagination of the garden is the source of endless creativity, and this infinite creative possibility is the essence of the Flower and Grass Water Language series. ”


“I love exploring the poetry of the ingredients, sculpting them in unexpected ways, or reinterpreting the most classic notes to give them a contemporary atmosphere. Such challenges make every fresh eau de toilette modern. ”


Wild trail flower fields and intoxicating honey

It all stems from a desire for authenticity. Returning to nature has become the main theme of the perfume world, and the concept of the Flower and Grass Water Language series has long been popular.

Swarms of bees flutter and wander from garden to garden to gather pollen, praising both the most simple flowers and the most amazing species in the world. In 1853, the bee first appeared on Guerlain’s iconic bee print bottle. Since then, bees have symbolized Guerlain’s quest for beauty and the preservation and protection of nature. A source of inspiration for Guerlain, bees have been found in the Imperial Bee skincare collection, adorning Guerlain’s most prized perfume bottles and adding to special limited edition products. Not only that, bees are also present in many cultural events such as exhibitions and literary awards.

At Guerlain, bees symbolize a faithful commitment to sustainability and a desire for a better world that is sustainable. Over the past decade, Guerlain has carried out many projects and partnerships to protect bees, including sponsorship of the Black Bee Conservation Society of the island of Ouechamp in Brittany, collaboration with the French Bee Observatory, and a bee school programme with the support of Guerlain employees to raise awareness of bee conservation among young people. Guerlain also collaborates with UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere Programme on Women & Bees Beekeeping in its Biosphere Reserve, as well as with GoodPlanet and the Elyx Foundation.

Bees are Guerlain’s guide and have become an irreplaceable brand identity. This time, it embroidered two fragrance fables for the upcoming spring with a wisp of gold thread. The Guerlan Aqua collection pays homage and draws inspiration from nature’s most beautiful things, bringing two new eau de toilettes, the Wonderland of Wild and Honey Warm Sun. The Wonderland of Fangye depicts the pleasant fragrance of the fields of wild flowers, while the honey warm sun explores the most beautiful flowers in the honey-scented bouquet. After all, bees are not only a symbol of the brand, but also nature’s most original perfumer.

The Wizard of Yoshino

Above the grasslands in the distance, the grass trembles and rustles in the wind, and bees fly among them. The fragrance of wildflowers chirps harmoniously, which is the joy of nature.

The scent of Samba jasmine opens up the fantasy, and the soft aroma of orange blossom blends with the warm sun.

When the heat reaches its peak, the fruity aroma of the crisp cantaloupe wafts in, sending a little coolness, and a sunny and intoxicating picture unfolds. Finally, white musk appears, dotted with notes of violet and iris. In an instant, all the senses are awakened.

A wonderful experience of freedom and comfort.

Honey warms the sun

It is free-spirited and feminine, fresh and sweet, and temperamental.

Greeted by the aroma of Calabrian bergamot, this signature Guerlain fragrance is reminiscent of the legend that began with Guerlain cologne in 1853. Magnolia, roses and Samba jasmine dance together to create an intoxicating honey, as if bees have collected all the treasures of flowers for perfume. In the heat of summer, the skin is caressed by the sun, and the breeze gently brings a refreshing coolness like rippling water.

Honey is intoxicating

“Play with Nature, Taste the Fragrance” blockbuster

Immerse all your senses in the world of flowers and plants and delve into the mysteries of fragrance raw materials.

In a feast of colour, texture and fragrance, flowers, honey, musk and bergamot dance in harmony. In this enchanting and natural garden, Constance Jablonski interprets the warm sun of honey and He Cong interprets the Wonderland of Fangye, both presenting a fresh nature that has never been seen before.

The Flowers and Plants series creates your own moments, opens up a joyful ritual, and allows you to play and change freely. The 2021 advertising special showcases the endless joy of this refreshing season.

A unique creative fragrance that gives you freedom of expression and individuality.


American artist Michael De Feo, better known under his pen name “The Flower Guy,” specializes in depicting flowers.

For 25 years, his daisies have brought spring light to the walls of metropolises around the world, shined in beautifully printed magazines, and bloomed in art galleries.

Guerlain naturally won’t miss the street artist, inviting him to add a splash to the Flower & Water Eau de toilette collection. Flower Guy loves bergamory, the core ingredient of the Flower Shui Yu series, so he uses green plants as artistic inspiration, while basing himself on life, incorporating the sounds, colors and tones he feels every day. In the New York painter’s pen, the perfume packaging is given a distinct pop art atmosphere.

The artistic perspective is Guerlain’s consistent insistence

Michael De Feo’s hand-painted collection of art packaging is an ingenious echo of sculptor Robert Granai’s signature beeprint vase for Guerlain and the bees behind the flowers. This story of nature, fables and modern qualities is constantly being written, never stopping.

For this year’s two new products, the Wonderland of Wild and Honey Warm Sun, Michael De Feo also opened a comprehensive delicious experience by playing with the packaging design of color, aroma, pattern and texture.

Wildflowers grow freely and fill the earth. Pink irises and violets are rendered poetically, clusters of white flowers bloom for a bright atmosphere, and watermelon notes add a touch of freshness to the fragrance of wildflowers.

Delicious honey floral aroma. Crafted from the world’s most enchanting flowers, this sweet touch is set against the backdrop of fresh aquatic notes and bright and lively Calabrian bergamot to create unexpected surprises.

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The Wizard of Yoshino

Honey warms the sun