Awesome word mom! LV is coming out with an exclusive design phone case!


On the last day of Paris Fashion Week, the LV Spring/Summer 2017 collection was unveiled, giving everyone a surprise – that is, LV’s exclusive design of mobile phone cases! LV is coming to rob the wallets of all the fashion elves again!

There is another strong opponent in the mobile phone case industry, and the top luxury brand Louis Vuitton not only launched new bags, but also mobile phone cases at the recent spring/summer 2017 show! The LV phone case became the focus of attention as soon as it was unveiled, in addition to the classic Monogram pattern, the checkerboard and crocodile pattern materials were out, and it felt like another craze was coming.

Before the start of this big show, Nicolas Ghesqui, director of LV fashion design, exposed his mobile phone case in advance on social media, the classic Monogram pattern, shaped like a small box Petite Malle~

At the LV launch event, we saw more styles of this item. Like classic old flowers, checkerboards, rare leather, metal elements, the hands are all “shell”.

Exquisite leather, metal piping and rivets, and even the buckles and luggage tags of the luggage are all condensed into a mobile phone case in equal proportions, but they completely contain LV All kinds of classic patterns all amaze the local tycoons: this is the CASE that makes their mobile phone unique!

Each iPhone case comes with a headphone case that can be fitted with headphones.

Discerning people can see at a glance that the inspiration for this phone case is the designer’s super It bag – “Ghesquire’s Petite Malle” that appeared on the French debut show in 2014. In other words, this phone case is a “first-hand version” of Petite Malle.

Although the big-name friends may not all be able to afford it, when they see those cute gadgets, the girls really can’t suppress the power of flooding in their hearts!

There are so many types of mobile phone cases~ there is always a suitable one for you~