Hu Yitian appeared at the event site, wearing a blue suit and turning into a “domineering president”

I believe that many friends have watched the popular “Dear, Love” that has just finished in half the sky, and should remember the good Chinese brother who paid his own money to fall in love with his brother – Wu Bai. Hu Yitian’s realization in the play can be described as remarkable, and I have to say that this role is really suitable for him, and he originally gives people a very cold feeling.

Hu Yitian’s appearance is typical of southerners, very pure and beautiful, his facial features are very delicate, and each part is also perfect when taken out separately. Coupled with the height of this 188 model, and the slender and well-proportioned hands, it is simply amazing, no wonder there are so many fashion brands vying to send him fashion invitations.

Oh, recently Hu Yitian appeared in Wenzhou to participate in the brand’s offline activities, which can be said to attract a large wave of fans. I saw him handsome in a dark blue suit and won enough eyeballs. With his height and proportions, wearing a suit is really both seductive and gentlemanly.

Hu Yitian chose a blue suit suit, blue is a very deep and mysterious color, just like him, elusive, mysterious and with deadly temptation. The black shirt and double-breasted blue suit, the strong hormonal smell comes to the face, like a domineering president, with a powerful aura.

To say that the most absolute is Hu Yitian’s hand, I didn’t pay attention to it before, but this glimpse of the Hong Kong is really amazing to Lu Chan. His hands can be said to be one of the best male stars in the entertainment industry that Lu Chan’s has seen, his fingers are both slender and well-proportioned, just like the hands in comics, especially with a men’s watch, holding a delicate rose in his hand, extremely charming!

The lower body is also a blue suit pants with a blue suit on the upper body, and the close-fitting cut outlines Hu Yitian’s perfect leg curves to the fullest, this leg is longer than Lu Chan’s imagination, and it is almost overflowing the screen hahaha. After all, Hu Yitian has 188, this height is really not covered, it is really too suitable for wearing a suit, and the male god becomes abstinent in seconds.

In order to match the whole look, Hu Daytian combed a small oil head this time, adding a mature man’s charm to the whole look. Put on a black tie and pull it seductively with his comic hands, this picture is really too abstinent! Today, Lu Chan, is also a day of crazy calls for Hu Day, haha.

In the past, Hu Yitian was a very young campus male god image, this time he changed into a suit, it was like a different person, infinite charm, the whole person exuded the gentlemanly taste of a mature man. I have to say that this kind of shape is also very suitable for Hu Yitian, and it can be seen that his plasticity is really very high. , his future acting path will be bright.

I don’t know if you like this blue suit Hu Yitian? Anyway, seeing this hand and this leg, Lu Chan’s love. I don’t know what the friends think? Hu Yitian in a suit is really a domineering president!