What are the car wash tools Introduction to household car wash tools and equipment

For friends who have a car, car washing is often needed to do, car washing can not only protect the car paint and so on, but also keep the appearance of the vehicle clean, and now many people in order to save money, will choose to wash their own car, their own car wash is inevitable to buy car washing tools, so what are the car wash tools, let’s take a look together.

What are the car wash tools

1. Household car washer

Do your own car wash must use living water, not “dead water”, “dead water” is one of the main causes of car scratches. Filling water with a bucket is the most common stagnant water, and the washed dirt is brought into the bucket by a towel, and after the towel is swept in muddy water, it is brought back to the sediment to wipe back and forth on the car body, and the consequences can be imagined. Car car washer is currently a relatively easy to use water spray tool, see the product description for details.

Because I just recently bought a set of car-mounted car washers, I am very satisfied and feel good, and I also bought it directly online at that time. Here are some tips, first of all, you must pick a cost-effective one on the Internet, and it is necessary to look at some reviews.

2. High-pressure car wash spray gun

Use a high-pressure water jet to clean the dirt on the surface of the car, unless it is a very stubborn oil stain that needs to add a little detergent, otherwise the foam generated by the strong water pressure is enough to carry away the general dirt. The accessories of a good quality car wash water gun should at least include: faucet connector, water pipe connector, special water pipe, water gun four components, and some even equipped with brush nozzles.

3. Car cleaning agent

Car washing agents include car wash fluid, which is mainly used to clean the surface of the car dust, oil, etc., and performs paint care at the same time as cleaning. Car interior cleaning agents, for interior part of the product, should generally be neutral or acidic cleaning products. Degreasing agent is mainly used for cleaning oily parts such as engines and wheels. Some people directly wash the car with washing powder or dish soap, which is wrong and will accelerate the aging of body rubber parts, tires, windows, etc.

4. Car vacuum cleaner

Compared with household vacuum cleaners, car vacuum cleaners are lighter, easy to carry, and single-handed. Car vacuum cleaners are generally mainly used to clean up the paper scraps, soot, hair, snack crumbs, etc. left in the car, randomly configured flexible straw brush head can adapt to complex corners, clean up the dust and garbage hidden in the corners of the car, and make the car cleaner.

5. Car dust dusting

Car wax mop, a kind of car supplies that many people know, is a very effective supply to remove dust on the car body, so it can also be called car dust sweep, car dust duster, car duster, car oil mop. The material of automobile wax mop is generally divided into three types: cotton thread, chemical fiber and nano. Because the cotton thread material has strong adsorption and soft texture, it is the main material of wax mopping at present.

6. Wipe the towel of the car

The fabric or fur suitable for wiping the car is generally microfiber and suede, suede, imitation suede, etc. Among them, microfiber is made of more durable and very absorbent. The gaps between the filaments of this microfiber towel absorb dust, oil and dirt until they are washed away with clean water, soap or detergent. These voids also absorb a lot of water, so microfibers are highly absorbent.

7. Car wash brush sponge

Car washing should use soft cotton brushes, some car owners will use plastic brushes to wash the car, feel that the wash is cleaner, but these will cause scratches.

Therefore, do your own car wash should also choose a soft cloth brush or sponge, and it is best to use high-quality (knitted) towels and deerskin when wiping the car.

Computer car washes are generally installed with soft cotton brushes, which will not harm the car paint. Some car washing machines also use ultra-soft cotton silk cloth brushes, when washing cars, the cloth brush rotates at medium speed under the drive of the motor, and only the soft fluff part on the outside of the cloth brush is in contact with the body, which will not harm the body.

Household car wash tools are relatively simple, including household car washers, car wash spray guns, water pipes + nozzles, microfiber towels, car wash sponges, brushes, buckets, detergents, suede towels, etc. Car wash tools commonly used in car wash shops include automatic car washes, air compressors, carpet dryers, vacuum cleaners, water absorbers, foam machines, detergents, car wash towels, etc. When washing their own car, car owners can buy according to their needs.

The above is what are the relevant contents of car washing tools, let’s take a look at the correct steps of doing car washing yourself.

The right steps to wash your car yourself

1. Rinse the surface of the car body

First of all, it is necessary to flush off the dirt on the surface of the body, the pressure of the water gun can not be too large or too small, generally not more than 7 pressures, and flush water from the door seam line on the roof to the other side when rushing the car. The order of flushing is also exquisite, first from the roof, then the side windows, the half of the body waistline, the front window, the hood, the lights and grille, the front bumper, the front arc, the tires, the lower part of the body waistline, the rear window, the trunk lid, the rear arc, the tires, the rear bumper, the side window, the upper half of the body, and the front arc. Such a sequential rush is fast and efficient.

Second, foam the body

After rinsing the dirt on the body, it is necessary to evenly cover the surface of the car paint with professional car wash foam. Why use a dedicated car wash foam?

Because the car will be exposed to pollutants in the air when driving at high speed, these substances will form a stubborn “traffic film” similar to the “sludge” texture on the surface of the body, which is difficult to clean and will affect the bright effect of the car paint. If you just rinse it with a water gun, you can’t wash it off, and you can only use car-specific car wash foam to decompose and destroy these stubborn substances and restore the shiny effect of the body.

In order to protect the car paint, the foam cleaning used in the car wash is a weak alkaline solution, and some car owners will use washing powder or other strong alkaline washing liquid when washing their own DIY cars, which is easy to hurt the car paint, and over time, it will seriously damage the brightness of the car paint. Pay attention to identify some black car washes that abuse car wash liquids and damage car paint.

Generally speaking, some small car washes pay little attention to the replacement of the car cloth when foaming. The professional car wash should divide the car cleaning sponge into two parts: the upper part of the wiping car and the lower part of the wiping car. Do not wipe a sponge all over the car, because the sponge that has been wiped on the lower part of the body will have a large number of inexhaustible fine sand particles, and then rubbing other car paint will scratch the car paint.

In a professional car wash, we will see two car washers on the left and right working symmetrically, in unison, rhythmically in the order of wiping the car. And poor car washes, either there is only one, or there are more than three people wiping the car, the principle is either insufficient manpower, or quickly wipe and quickly clean the next car. Too many people and too few people are not conducive to the optimal embodiment of the car wash effect.

There is also a prescribed order for foaming the body:

1. When wiping the exterior of the body, start from the roof, and then wipe the rear window glass, side window glass, front windshield hood, lights and front grille, page panel, upper waist line of the body, trunk lid, tail lights.

2. Replace the sponge and brush to specifically clean the tire and wheel.

3. Replace the sponge to wipe the lower part of the car, starting from the rear bumper and wiping the lower part of the waist line in turn until the end of the front bumper.

4. Finally, rinse the foam of the wiping car again with water.

Third, scrape off the water droplets of the body

1. Generally speaking, two people use special wiper boards to symmetrically scrape off the residual water on the body. Do not use discarded wipers to wiper water, it is very easy to damage the car paint.

2. After wiping the water, use a special absorbent towel to dry the surface of the body.

3. Generally speaking, the stagnant water in the gap is not easy to wipe, and it is dried with an air gun. These gaps include: door seals, door handle keyholes, inverted mirrors, fuel caps, tail markings, headlight gaps, tail box keyholes, and so on.

4. Finally, use a special towel to wipe the car paint bright.

Fourth, the cleaning of the car interior

1. To clean the interior of the vehicle, the first step is to vacuum the interior room and trunk with a vacuum cleaner, focusing on carefully cleaning the surrounding area of the floor and the bottom of the seat and other places that are easy to accumulate dirt.

2. Wipe the car with a special towel after vacuuming.

3. Take out the ashtray, empty the ash, and clean the ashtray.

4. Wipe the instrument panel, steering wheel, air conditioning outlet, AB pillar inner room, door panel and other positions in turn. Because the rag is moisture, turn off electrical appliances and instrument switches such as interior lights before scrubbing.

5. Then change the towel to wipe the surrounding area of the car door, the floor in the car and other places with a lot of dirt. If the original car has a mat, take it out, clean it and dry it and put it in the car.

5. Vehicle condition inspection

After the vehicle is all cleaned, check whether there are any parts that have not been wiped clean and deal with them in time.

Then it is time to check the basic condition of the car and remind the owner to pay attention. For example, tire pressure, body appearance intact, etc. Avoid greater safety hazards due to the owner’s inattention.

The above is about what are the car washing tools, the content of the introduction of household car washing tools and equipment, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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