Is it necessary to wrap the car fabric seat with leather? Listen to the truth of the people, don’t wait until the summer to regret it

A friend asked Brother Meow, is it necessary to wrap a leather seat on the original fabric seat after buying a car? This Volkswagen Bora happens to pack a leather seat, so Brother Meow will tell you about some of my experiences.

This car was originally a fabric seat, because the fabric seat is more difficult to take care of, such as dripping a drink on the fabric seat, the drink will directly penetrate in, so many friends feel that the fabric seat is really too bad, and want to wrap a leather seat. Leather seats are very tangled, because most of such leather seats are leather seats for hundreds of dollars, it is impossible to wrap a piece of leather, even if it is genuine leather, there may be only a small piece of genuine leather, and the other parts are all microfiber leather.

It can be seen from the seams of the workmanship that the quality of this leather is actually not very good. And this leather is very breathable, because the leather seats are dark and easily absorb heat in summer.

The most uncomfortable part of driving in the summer is actually the whole part from the back to the thighs and buttocks. This piece is the surface where the human body is in contact with the seat, and if this side is not breathable, then you will be very uncomfortable driving.

In summer, although the air conditioning is turned on in the car, after getting out of the car, you will find that the entire contact surface with the seat is wet. Especially in the summer, the road is far, it will be particularly uncomfortable, like Brother Meow’s physique is a little better, if the fatter friend, the discomfort is exponentially increased. So a better leather seat, in fact, it is not only a layer of leather punched holes on the surface, including the cushion under the entire seat, its breathability will be better than ordinary seats. Especially for high-end models, if they are equipped with leather seats, they are basically equipped with seat ventilation. The leather on the top of the seat is also perforated, and after sitting up, the cold air in the air conditioner is blown out of the seat hole through the ventilation system, and the entire back part will be comfortable and breathable. If the entire back is not breathable, driving all summer is actually very uncomfortable.

Meow brother’s SUV is the original leather seats, although perforated, but because it does not have seat ventilation, so its breathability is still not very good, summer driving long distance will still feel very uncomfortable.

The old corolla is a fabric seat, which is a little more breathable than leather seats. Because the pores of the fabric itself will be more, if you drive a long distance in summer, although the fabric seat is a little more comfortable than the leather seat, it is definitely worse than the ventilation effect, or it will be uncomfortable. Therefore, like our country, especially in the southern region, I personally do not recommend that everyone pack a leather seat for the sake of hygiene and convenience. Basically, the quality of many bags is not very good, and the smell is very large, like today’s car, I drove for a day, to be honest now my head is dizzy, the smell is too big.

The second is indeed too stuffy. If the outside temperature reaches above 25°, even if the air conditioner is turned on to 17-18°, it is useless, and the contact surface is still too stuffy.

Third, this chemical fiber leather wrapped by yourself will not be more high-end than the fabric seat. Brother Meow does not recommend that you go to pack a leather seat for various reasons, of course, if you pack a full set of leather, it is estimated that the price outside is at least one thousand five or six or more, if it is a few hundred dollars, it is estimated that it is not genuine leather. If you do not cover a leather seat, in fact, it is recommended to buy a ventilated cushion, and a better quality cushion will be much stronger than wrapping a genuine leather.

If there is no seat ventilation when driving, Brother Meow is really unwilling to drive in the summer, and after driving, it is estimated that the entire back is like taking a bath. In this case, if you enter an air-conditioned room, you are also prone to illness. If it is true that driving is uncomfortable, I think ventilated cushions are more practical than genuine leather.