Princess Aurora: Korean version of the cabled skirt, little fragrant lady’s stick pin pullover sweater

『 Princess Aurora 』

“Beautiful Princess Aurora, this is a pullover sweater that I started knitting in the summer, and when I visited the forum, I found a Chinese version with JM translation, so the progress accelerated. This wine red is like the red of Christmas leaves, bright but not bright, not picky at all very like! ”


Cat cat wool Italian imported super alpaca medium thick hand knitted burgundy 51-3 12 regiments


4.5mm ring needle 4mm stick needle JM that likes to be looser can be used 5mm


It’s very thin, and the thread feels very soft

I especially like this twisted pattern The sleeve is more fanciful!

Love to wear with shorts! The trousers are also nice

Weaving illustration:

Thanks to sister Shushu for translating

• end •

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