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Some people say that women are completely in two states before going home and after returning home.

Especially when I change into my home clothes, it is like a changed person, sweeping away the toughness and tiredness, replaced by the lazy softness unique to women, which is much more charming than during the day.

The comfort that can make people return home immediately is no other than homewear.

After changing into pajamas, my whole person instantly relaxed, in my own private little world, nestled into the sofa to watch dramas, apply masks, and even wantonly to spin and jump, extremely comfortable!

Two days ago, my girlfriend came to play at home, and as soon as I entered the door, I praised my new pants for looking good. The “new pants” she calls are actually the new home pants I started.

This fabric is silky and can be worn as safety pants for home pants,

Female stars who can dress up are also favored.

Aesthetics and comfort, no delay in going out at home.

“It’s so comfortable to the touch, it’s okay to wear it out, it’s feminine, and there is a touch of sexiness~”

My girlfriend’s compliment was exactly the same as how I felt about these pants. Also perfectly meets all my criteria for home pajama pants.

The takeout arrives, so there is no need to hurry to find shorts to put on;

When a friend suddenly visits, there is no need to hide it;

Put on a T-shirt and go downstairs for a walk at any time;

Wear it to the supermarket, it’s not sloppy at all ~

We also considered recommending cotton pajama pants, but spring and summer, which prefer the brisk season, are draped and light

“Fairy Pants”

Seems more appropriate.

First, you can wear it to go out on the street at will, and you won’t have the sense of déjà vu of an older mother.

Pajamas and pants are sloppy, and stars can become aunts

The second is cool and light, you don’t need to change when you go out, and you feel great about wearing it to “let yourself go”!

Microfiber fabric and lace are paired to be cute and seductive

, Directing your gaze to the plump buttocks that have just been covered by the hem, who says it’s not a little fun in the boudoir?

The most important thing is that it is equivalent to having pajama pants + safety pants at the same time

40 pieces

, the cost performance is really invincible~

PSQUEEN fairy pants/safety pants

Stay comfortable at home and refuse to go away

As pajama pants, at home, decent and sophisticated

Today’s women are more and more willing to please themselves and dress as fairies at home, as if this is what can be considered “exquisite”.

After all, the bedroom is not a show, we can be comfortable and how to come.

Comfortable, maintain decency and not deliberately delicate, a pair of fairy pants is enough.

Especially this light texture, after wearing it, the aura will be affected by it, and you will become a “soft girl”. The whole person is extremely soft and smooth, and I enjoy this feeling so much.

Visually, it is a soft luster like pearls, and you can wear it for as long as you wear it, and your mood can be beautiful for as long as you want.

As a boudoir “private thing”, such a pair of shorts is also a breakthrough for fun.

Rounded curves are immediately visible. Believe me, he is a landscape to you, and even more temptation.

One of the things I value is that I feel at home in my clothes, I don’t look impolite because I am at home, and I can meet calmly when I have guests.

Every woman needs this

“Inside and out”

of home pants!


When safety pants, loose and cool

Summer is simply a grand event for short skirt lovers, but the word “gone” is a nightmarish embarrassment.

There was no time to cover it, and the little inner was exposed, which was too face-lossing!

Honestly wear safety pants, but underwear + safety pants + skirt, three-layer restraint, with a high temperature of 40 ° C. Sweltering heat and humidity are trivial, but the health of private parts cannot be ignored.

Summer is the period of high incidence of gynecological diseases!

It’s important to prevent light from leaving, but I don’t particularly advocate tight safety pants. Especially the aunt period.

Sweat + odor, think about it feels a lot of bacteria, sometimes itchy and uncomfortable.

And the card slots and rolls also made me particularly repulsive to tight safety pants.

Girls in the office who are afraid of heat say: I would rather wear a long skirt every day than a short skirt with safety pants.

It is much more comfortable to change to fairy pants,

It’s as long as safety pants

, but these problems are completely absent.

It’s cool.

I deliberately took out my miniskirt and put on fairy pants underneath.

Slippery and unrestrained, the miniskirt perfectly covers the lace trim.

Even if you accidentally show the lace edge, it will not be very embarrassing, but there is a faint little sexiness.

You can wear a small skirt without scruples, and it is super safe to go out on the street

, for this, the fairy colleagues who love beauty have snatched two ~ by themselves


These little embarrassments are gone

Girls should have experienced this thing in the summer:

After sitting in public for a long time, the buttocks are especially prone to sweating! As soon as I stand up, the skirt is directly glued to the PP, which requires a few particularly indecent tugging;

Or the skirt is dark in color, and the PP is directly wet …

This kind of thing is solved by wearing leggings. Fairy pants are good, quickly absorb moisture, no matter how much sweat will not be wet and stick to the PP, the skirt will not be affected a little.

There is another point, I believe everyone feels the same way:

Every time you fall asleep in your pajamas, you will become unsightly ⬇ when you wake up, and it is not good to be seen by your roommates or your parents who asked you to wake up.

It’s still the same sentence: a fairy pants solves all the problems. Wear it in a nightdress, fluttering as if nothing, sleep and roll around.


100% polyester,

soft and breathable,

Comfortable fried!

To maximize the comfort of these pants, PSQUEEN uses a fabric of 100% polyester.

Because it is microfiber, the softness is comparable to silk. The slippery drape sensation does not stir the skin, and the coefficient of friction is very low.

Not to mention breathability, a pair of fairy pants is lighter than a pen, worn like a second skin, sweaty and not sticky.

Here comes the most important question: where is the waist lebler? Tie-not-stab?

The overall silhouette design of fairy pants, especially the waist part, is very elastic.

80-130 pounds can be easily controlled~

The elastic band is also hemmed, which prevents the “pinch” feeling caused by the elastic band directly adhering to the skin.

After all, it is directly next to the private part of PP, and we cleaned the black fairy pants that went into the water for the first time, and they did not fade at all!

Intimate, comfortable, what other reason not to start?


Six colors, there’s always a favorite one

In order to make it convenient for both home and outer, we made a total of six colors this time:

White, pink, gray, apricot, black, caramel. There are shallow and deep, any combination.

According to my own try-on experience, if you want to wear it as safety pants in a short skirt, you can choose the one that is similar to the color of your skirt.

If you are at home, you recommend light colors, which look fairy and flowy.

Fairy pants are a size all, any body type can be worn, 130 pounds without pressure!

After a hard day, remove heavy makeup, take a bath, change into fairy pants, sleep peacefully or chat with your lover about small love words, this is the most comfortable state and the way to pamper yourself~

Great value for 2 packs!

Fan exclusive price 49 yuan

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PSQUEEN fairy pants/safety pants

PSQUEEN fairy pants/safety pants

PSQUEEN fairy pants/safety pants

PSQUEEN fairy pants/safety pants

PSQUEEN fairy pants/safety pants

Stay comfortable at home and refuse to go away

Stay comfortable at home and refuse to go away

Stay comfortable at home and refuse to go away

Stay comfortable at home and refuse to go away

Stay comfortable at home and refuse to go away