This is the beauty of labor, the silk cotton is renovated under the osmanthus tree, and the four sisters of the Lu family in Tongxiang come to Hangzhou for an appointment

Qianjiang Evening News Hourly News Reporter Huang Weifen

One by one, the cotton pockets first cut a hole in the middle, and then the two people worked together to tear it off, turning it into a long strap dragging its tail. After a slight pause, these silk ribbons were torn thin in the ingenuity of the two aunts.

Layer after layer, the sunlight shines on the layers of silk, which is soft and warm to the touch.

Today (October 26), the hourly news reporter came to the canal again and met Aunt Tongxiang, who was like a migratory bird and sent warm silk quilts to Hangzhou people in winter.

The stall of Aunt Lu’s four sisters has been in Genshanmen for 18 years, and they usually set off from Tongxiang to Hangzhou on National Day.

Then they would stay here for about three months, and a bed of silk was molded in their hands, or it would collapse and become soft again.

The wind by the canal is soft, and the osmanthus flowers full of trees fall in twos and threes, and there is a touch of sweetness in this warmth.

The aunt who lives far away came to line up after 6 o’clock

A while ago this year, the weather was warm, and Aunt Lu’s four sisters came at home after the National Day.

Unfortunately, after coming, it rained for a long time, not only Aunt Lu was anxious, but also the residents waiting to refurbish the quilt.

No, taking advantage of the good weather, Aunt Wang of Ding Qiao rushed over early in the morning.

“I rushed the first bus and arrived at 8 o’clock.” As soon as I approached the silk stall of Aunt Lu’s sisters, I could hear several residents chatting around.

Aunt Wang said that there were two silk quilts at home that needed to be renovated, but there was no one in the area of Ding Qiao who could turn over, “Later, I heard that they would turn silk quilts here, and I called early to make an appointment.” “Aunt Wang said that she changed buses twice and rushed the first bus.

Unexpectedly, even if you get up early in advance, you still need to queue.

“It’s good that someone who lives close to me takes care of me, let me go first.” Finally, Aunt Wang wanted to renovate a 5-pound silk quilt.

Aunt Wang decided to add another pound of silk.

“Oh, you see, her original silk sponge should be northern, unlike ours is mulberry silk, eating mulberry leaves.” More than twenty years of silk cotton has been torn off, and with a dozen glances at Aunt Lu, they can tell the source of the silk.

Business was scheduled for 20 days

While talking, the hands of Aunt Lu and her companions were never idle.

There are thirty-six or seven cotton pockets per kilogram of silk wool, and it takes a lot of time to turn into a quilt.

It takes more than an hour to renovate a bed of silk quilts, and it takes more than two hours to make a new bed of about 5 pounds of silk quilts.

Aunt Lu’s four sisters divided into two groups and started work. If the weather is good, they wake up at 5 a.m., make breakfast, prepare lunch, pack up and ride their bikes out, sometimes get busy, and leave work at seven or eight o’clock in the evening.

After the sun goes down, continue working under the streetlights by the canal.

“This is a work of strength, and my arms are sore and painful during this time.” Therefore, no matter how late they return to the rental house, they will make themselves a hot meal, “Eat scrambled eggs with leeks and stewed hooves at noon today.” ”

Most of the old patrons who look for them are newcomers like Aunt Wang.

Everyone is very relieved to see the quilt do a little by little, so the customers accumulated by Aunt Lu for more than ten years are busy enough for a long time.

The hourly news reporter inquired, and the business was scheduled for November 15.

“No way, time is there, you can do this work every day.” Aunt Lu said, “I can only make seven or eight beds a day.” ”

Those who rushed over temporarily need to wait, and those who can’t wait have to get up early tomorrow.

Silk is 10 yuan a pound more expensive, refurbished is 5 yuan more expensive,

Many people watched curiously

“I’m making a quilt, do you still want to bang?” People passing by were somewhat attracted and curious onlookers.

“No, you’re talking about playing cotton quilts, that’s called ‘white and fat’.” Seeing that her silk quilt was restored and new little by little in Aunt Lu’s hands, Aunt Wang couldn’t help but laugh, “The time of the old base, whether it is playing cotton quilts or turning silk quilts, I was invited to come to the house.” ”

She also joked, “If it had been in the past, you would be eating at my house today.” ”

Aunt Lu’s hand did not stop, and she echoed on the side, “That’s right, we went to the door when we first came, and we fixed it here after renting a house.” There are also Mao twenty years here. ”

Some people make quilts on the spot, and some people call them a pound of silk, and go home to make silk vests and silk cotton jackets.

Maybe some people are curious, attracting Hangzhou aunts to wait in line, how much does it cost to make such a quilt suitable for winter cover?

Silk is 300 pieces per catty, up 10 pieces from last year, and the processing fee is 20 pieces per catty.

If it is a renovation, 80 quilts per bed, 5 pieces higher than last year. If you add silk, you can add extra money.

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